Bounty Fresh #OctoberFresh was a Clucking Success!
Bounty Fresh #OctoberFresh is a celebration of the World Chicken and Egg Day at the Trinoma Activity Center last October 12, 2018. But before that, social media platforms were put to whirlwind kind of hype. First was Chicky's announcement that she is going to be a mommy!  I  was actually getting excited and find the announcement pretty cute and unique.

And with this awesome event invite, 
Bounty Fresh made me more eggstatic!

But not so long after that is the nakakawindang na balita, 
That Chicky's egg went missing!?!

What is the meaning of all thiz??? A few days ago I was able to see Chicky's announcement that she is now an InaHen, a mother hen to a baby egg. But not so long ago too, the baby egg went missing! Ay Halaaaaa! Will Chicky find her baby? Hala! Paano na ang Bounty Fresh #OctoberFresh nito?

Let's wait and see at the World Chicken & Egg Day Celebration!
Bounty Fresh #OctoberFresh Celebrates the World Chicken & Egg Day 
 in TriNoma Activity Center

Then the day that netizen were all waiting for, The Bounty Fresh #OctoberFresh World Chicken & Egg Day Celebration still pushed through with high hopes that Chicky and the baby egg will be reunited again. 

Bounty Fresh #OctoberFresh was a Clucking Success!

Bounty Fresh #OctoberFresh was a Clucking Success!

All I'm seeing was Chicken & Eggs activities, from the photobooth, and other booth activities, Culinary segments, like cooking demos and pancake art contest. And tons of on-site promos too which really did brought fun for the whole family during the event. 

Bounty Fresh #OctoberFresh was a Clucking Success!

The World Chicken and Egg Day were also be celebrated in Australia, The UK, USA, Brazil, France, and neighboring Asian countries like Vietnam and Indonesia, to name a few.

Bounty Fresh #OctoberFresh was a Clucking Success!
Also, a Chicken and Egg Sale was on! Like, a super duper flash sale for 20 pesos only!!! During the Bounty Fresh #OctorberFresh event, every hour of that day people who lined up for the sale can purchase  Chicken and Eggs at a very low price.

Bounty Fresh #OctoberFresh was a Clucking Success!

Bounty Fresh's chicken and egg are strictly produced using only the state-of-the-art, ISO-certified technology and processes. And with that, just the right reason why Pilipinos are choosing Bounty Fresh products and making it the number1 choice here in the country. During October Fresh event, Bounty Fresh thanked their loyal customers and will continue to provide nothing but the best Chicken and Eggs.

Chicky's Baby Egg is Finally Here!
The baby egg finally made it to Bounty Fresh #OctoberFresh World Chicken & Egg Day!

And that's not all, Chicky's baby egg has a huge announcement too! That Bounty Fresh is raffling off Php100,000 to one lucky winner along with consolations prized, and some Masflex items. There would also be a lot of raffle prizes so that everyone can go home with a big smile on their faces. 

Bounty Fresh #OctoberFresh is raffling off a Grand Prize of P100,000 
Also later that day. a great bounty awaits to a chosen few, who helped Chicky in finding here baby egg. But before they do, they will have to battle it out on stage, going through competitions like The "SWEGG" Dance Challenge, "Beatbok" Challenge, and "Eggs Factor" Season 2 Cooking Challenge. 

According to the brand, this event is the least that they can do in return to all the support they are getting from their loyal customers. Also, they are taking the opportunity to make their customers enjoy the World chicken and Egg Day this 2018.

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