Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Hataw.Ph : A Shopping App Suitable for the "Budgetarian" in You

Hataw.Ph : A Shopping App Suitable for the "Budgetarian" in You

May humahamon sa favorite shopping app mo beshie!!! And ang bali-balita palong-palo daw ang pag arrive nito at mukhang hahataw sa puso ng masa. Oh yes, alam mo yan na ang online shopping sa pinas ay tuloy-tuloy sa pag arangkada. Oi wag tumanggi, may Lazada at Shopee app ka jan sa phone mo. AMININ!!!

So ito na nga... ang bagong shopping app out there. 
Ang Hataw.Ph

Hataw.Ph : A Shopping App Suitable for the "Budgetarian" in You

Hataw.Ph started with the experience of two entrepreneurs / isa sa entreps na ito any ang CEO ng hataw.ph Yes, ang pasimuno!/ nung mga panahong yun, medyo di na nila kinakaya ang takbo ng kanilang biznes sa isang online shopping platform, parang nakukulangan ata sila sa mga ganaps. Gusto nila ng mas bonggang exposure, at mas malaking kita! Oi gusto ko din kaya nyan!!!

So ito nga nga... They set up an online company with an emphasis on Quality Products at Affordable Prices. Whether you are looking to buy home products or clothing, Hataw is the answer for the kuripot / budgetarian in you!

Download the Hataw.Ph app Now!
Available in Google Play. www.hataw.ph

Hataw.Ph : A Shopping App Suitable for the "Budgetarian" in You

To receive updates, like Hataw.Ph on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @hatawshopping

Just like your fave shopping app may pa main categories din dito like pa-clothing, gadgets, bags and shoes, toys kids and baby things but they specialize in home and living and its part, home improvement. The difference is that in home and living you will find products in dining, kitchen, living rooms, decoration and more. Also, may pa-home improvement din na ganaps where hardware, lighting, faucet parts, door knobs are listed on.

Mode of Payment accepted are the following:
 COD Cash on delivery, Credit/Debit card, and Bank Transfers. 
You may also opt to secure your payment through M Lhuillier branches.

So ano na teh? Are you on the "benta" (seller) or "bili" (buyer) side?

Download the Hataw.Ph App now, Do Sign Up and Happy Shopping, er or *Selling!

*Hataw.Ph also sells official brand products as a partnership agreement. Hataw.ph has a seller center where people may sign up. When they agree to the terms and agreement, they may upload their products, then start their own promotions or discounts and sell.


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