HYPE Transport Systems, Inc. will change the game in online taxi hailing service. 

Getting a taxi cab in Metro Manila is quite a pain in the butt and whenever you rode one naman, the Kalbaryo doesn't end there. And mga taxi cabs dito sa Metro Manila ay pinuputakti ng reklamo at kung ano-anong kaliwat-kanang issues! 

Minsan or should I say napapadalas pa nga na maging linya is: "Kung gusto mong mabwiset or ma Stress, Mag Taxi ka" Or "Kung ayaw mo mastress, wag na wag kang mag ta-Taxi" 

Aci Girl features HYPE Transport Systems, Inc.

I have my fair share of Que-Horror-Riding-A-Taxi-Story. Nan'diyan yung di ka pa nakakasakay may hirit ng dagdag si manong driver. Meron namang akala ata is de-ruta ang taxi nya at ayaw lumayo sa siyudad na nasasaan sya, Meron naman pupugak-pugak na at walang aircon pero 'mayghad' ang metro, ang bilis pumatak ah, anyare? So ano Isa isahin ba natin? Madami-dami pa ang listahang ito and I'm sure ikaw din ay may natatangging kwento! 

But wait...

Aci Girl features HYPE Transport Systems, Inc.

Positive Taxi Rider Experience Manifesto

HYPE Transport Systems, Inc. came to the rescue. Hype did an upgrade to our overall taxi cab riding experience, of course, most especially to taxi cabs using the HYPE app. They approached the various taxi operators to come together and to commit via a signing of a manifesto to improve overall taxi passenger experience; supported by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB). Oh Lord, sana ito na ang sagot sa kahirapang mag-commute via Taxi sa Pinas!

HYPE CTO Jon Colondriz, HYPE COO Jen Silan, HYPE President Nicanor Escalante, LTFRB Technical Division Chief Joel Bolano, and HYPE Chairman Retired Admiral Danilo Cortez.

LTFRB Technical Division Chief Joel Bolano, representing LTFRB Chairman Martin Delgra, signing as a witness to the Positive Rider Experience Manifesto
HYPE President Nicanor Escalante signing the Positive Rider Experience Manifesto.
“In as much as we in HYPE recognize the importance of further enhancing and developing the key transportation service given by our gallant taxi operators and taxi drivers In easing the woes of our passengers, we also recognize that there is a need to provide proactive solutions to the various issues raised by the riding public,” said Mr. Nicanor Escalante, President of HYPE Transport Systems, Inc.

Now your attention please and watch Papa P!
Yes, Piolo Pascual for Hype!

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Escalante further said, “We took the liberty of meeting with the biggest taxi operator associations like PNTOA and ATOMM, and have encouraged them to sign a commitment, a manifesto that focuses on the three biggest issues of concern; and have committed to partner with them in providing solutions; and we are happy that the LTFRB has supported us in this endeavor.”

The issues that were pinpointed were: driver decorum, passenger safety, and vehicle quality. All three were the identified critical factors to achieve an overall positive rider experience.

HYPE President Nicanor Escalante with the President of ATOMM, one of the taxi operator associations in attendance Mr. Florentino Biso

For driver decorum, HYPE has committed to open its center in Shaw Boulevard as a venue for further driver re-training with the full concurrence of the taxi operators. For passenger safety, aside from the landmark SOS button found in the HYPE app that calls for help in cases of passenger (and driver) distress, the taxi operators committed to be stricter in the screening of its drivers and to closely work with authorities. And lastly, for vehicle quality, the taxi operators have committed to putting emphasis on vehicle maintenance and cleanliness, and these vehicles will be routinely checked by HYPE representatives. All the vehicles and drivers who have passed the standards will be affixed with a HYPE sticker.

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