From the trend that made photo booths a thing of the past, being last years super hit The 360 Selfie Booth concept. Oh, yes! I know you've seen those thingies on social media having those captivating 360° selfies that left everyone even me in amazed. That's the 360° Selfie.

But that was so last year...

If you thought the company that made all this fabulous selfie's possible is all about just that. Think again for they are up again to showcase your one-true-self in a more glammed up notch. That will surely make you excited and just can't wait to flaunt it in your social media accounts pretty soon. And mind you, this new, hot and fresh and never been done before the country. The GlamShot by 360 Selfie

GlamShot by 360 Selfie - The Newest Videobooth Frenzy in the Country

Recently launched last June 12, 2018, at the much talked about Mega Millennial Ball (The New PH). The New GlamShot thingy I was telling you about was sampled and enjoyed by the biggest celebrities in the Philippines today. GlamShot is a one-of-a-kind prismatic video booth that showcases guests in glamorous, moving kaleidoscopic shots. GlamShot is also fully customizable with each custom background instantly changing the entire look and feel of the experience.  It's a perfect activity for corporate events, product launches, marketing or brand activations, weddings, birthdays, and special occasions which allows you to maximize your investment with the social media mileage it brings.

GlamShot by 360 Selfie with Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford

Snaps from Celebrities like Coleen Garcia, Bela Padilla, and Karylle from the Mega Millennial Ball show us how to do GlamShot right.

360 Selfie watch video here
360 Selfie SloMowatch video here

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360 Selfie packages start with 4-hour rentals.
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