This pretty stylish, looking so cute loopy bracelet I was wearing for a couple of weeks now is more than just an accessory. It is an earphone.
Oh yes, it is!

Some of you my dear readers already know that I am not a fan of and in-ear devices/headphones. I don't like the achy, fuzzy, sweaty, uncomfy feeling earphones are giving me. That is the main reason why I always for go for over-the-ear headphones, The bigger the better!

A couple of weeks ago, I received this package from Promate through a friend. I was a bit excited cause I've been hearing good reviews about the brand. Promate is a digital lifestyle and electronic accessory brand dedicated to delivering the specialized and original accessories for Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops. Incorporated in the year 2008 in Dubai, Promate Technologies has grown to become one of the largest & most awarded provider of accessories for portable devices and digital media. Globally, the brand has a huge market presence in Europe,  Middle East, South America, Asia, Australia & South Africa.

The moment I've learned that it is an earphone, my excitement fades. "What am I going to do with an earphone, sasakit namaman tenga ko nyan eh" that I said to myself at baka kutusan ako ng friend. you know who you are. Then I started checking out the box. 

The packaging is really good. With safety-seals in all possible openings. Yes, not just the top opening part, seals are also found at the bottom of the box. A Major Check for Tamper-proofing! You'll know you are getting a fresh item every time.

Now, look! Ain't that lovely?

After seeing that L.O.V.E. blocks thingy, I loved it already! With that dangling hearty-hearts charms, I fell for it even more. Yasss! am a sucker for charms and what made this product seal the deal? It is RED!!! My Favorite Color.

At this point, I'm very ok with this item. like "Yeah, I can use this, I can give this a try" But the friend I am telling you about mentioned that this earphone turns into a wristband/bracelet. I was like "Whuttt?" and that friend knows that I wanna see it transform, then moments after... 


It magically turned into a charming a bracelet.
Kidding aside, that earphone I was telling you about can turn into a wearable bracelet! Awesome!!!

Now the wondering part kicks in. 
What will happen to the earphones? 
How will I manage to keep the cables in place? 
Is it waterproof, or even sweat-proof?
Can I even use or wear this knowing my standards for an earphone is way up high?
It's for me to know and for you guys to find out. 

For the TechieBites 

Driver: 14.2mm | Impedance: 32Ω | Sensitivity: 102±3dB |Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
Rated Input Power: 5mW | Maximum Input Power: 10mW | Cable Length: 120cm

The Enchantment Continues...
I started using the earphone and to my surprise, it felt okay and I kinda like its design. What my initial reaction was...

"Parang shinoot mo lang sya, pinatong, nilagay, GANERN. Walang pilitang nagyayare unlike sa mga earphone ko before na kailangang ipasok maige which causes my maliit na ear to ache. Plus the sound quality? Super!!!"

5 Things I Like About the Promate Vogue-3

The Love Blocks, Hearts, Charms, and Crystals.
 Less to Non-Tangle cables for its specially leather-like braided cords and it is Red!
Enhanced earbuds design for a comfy use and that Passive Noise-Cancelling
Premium Sound with 14.2mm Drivers 
Built-In Microphone, allowing you to make or receive calls with a few clicks. 
Also comes with Magnetic Locks for an organize keeping of the earbuds, and that tiny piece that seems like a safety port or holder for the jack making it more organized and tangle free.

The Price to Pay for this Enchanting Love Bracelet? 
The Promate Vogue-3 is priced at Php995.00

The Promate Vogue-3 Earphones are available in the following stores.

National Book Store
PCiNet Computer
Digital Interface
Perfect Shot
TCA Digital Square
The Loop by PMC
Denver's Computer Shoppe
Concept Computer
Vivocom Technologies
Jargons Computer
Wilcon Depot
Cube Technologies

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