Online shopping is such an amazing treat for busy moms like me. 

I super love shopping and I love going to Malls. I have this term "Mall Tour Escapades" too (not the artista version ah.) Where I will go mall touring just to hunt for something new or something I need. I can be there as early as the opening hour till closing just in the hunt for great deals, fab finds, and super sales.  

But today, a trip to the mall is so freakin' hard to schedule. Being a mom of 3 jurassicly makukulit + likot kids a trip to the mall is a disaster. I Always end up buying fast food and toys for kids that wasn't originally planned. And the sawayan blues is so frustrating and the bili moko anthology continues. 

Good thing Shopee is here to make my shopping escapade easy-peasy and just a few ticks tap of my fingertips and delivered free to your doorsteps. 

Browsing the App is entertaining too. Sales and promo here and there plus amazing and innovative products for every seller. 

On this post, I'll be sharing some of my Shopee finds. More like a Shopee Wishlist and will be calling it my Top 10 Shopee Finds / Wishlist

I will be celebrating my 33rd Birthday this month. SO my friends, may this post serve as a hint for what I want you to get me on my special day. CHAROT!!! 
#1 LED Mirror
Trivia: I started as a beauty blogger. Hold your horses hahaha. I love cosmetics/makeups but I don't know the much of applications. I joined tons workshops but sadly I still can't perfect that winged eyeliner. Just the basic and being super busy there no time for me to spare. Maybe this mirror can bring back the beauty blogger in me. Charot! 
#2 Real Tech Brushes 
Again, for the beauty blogger in me πŸ˜‰

For my Blogging Needs. 
#3 Go Pro Accessories 

#4 SanDisk 128 GB 
Cause I just can't get enough. 
#5 Wizdrive 1TB  External storage
Another just can't get enough thingy
#6Lenovo Laptop / Acer Marvel 

And the napapanahon, a laptop for my laptop is nagpaparamdam na =(

For our Home

#7 Good Value Kettle
 For the coffee/ hot choco lover in me.
#8 Pure It
I promised to stay away from sodas, powdered juices, and coffee. With this Unilever, PureIt Ill be hydrated always as I write my blog post day and night at home. And for a much practical option instead of buying bottled water. Cheers to a healthier me. 
#9 Spiral Slicer
For me to get my kids into eating healthy. and of course para sa akin na din.

#10 Days of the Week Tees
I super love statement shirts, especially day shirts. If you see on some of my posts, my shirts were: Yay Friday or Argh... Monday and This is My Selfie Shirt. Etc. I think this pattern started when I was a little girl for my mom bought me this panty set embroidered with Monday, Tuesday Wednesday. Etc. Hahaha. 
Shopee is really my happy pill right now.
Shopping mode without dealing the hassle of traffic, crowded malls and malilikot na kids to saway.

Download the Shopee App now and Happy Shopping!