Christmas only comes once a year, celebrated all over the world remembering God's love to his people. Here in the Philippines, Christmas vibe is felt as early as September. That 'Ber Months season as we all know it is an indication that the most awaited holiday is approaching. With that being said, still, most of us were cramming up to last minute for the preps and all. We, Filipinos even though we have a long prepping time ahead, most of us still just can't get it through. Honestly, I am guilty too. But you know me, I've learned. Now, allow me to share some of my tested tips and tricks on how I prepare for the most wonderful time of year.

 Sanicare Liwanag Christmas Edition

To Shop or Not To Shop for Christmas Decors?
You better check first if you can still use your old decors like the tree, ornaments, and lights etc. If yes, hurray for you'll be saving money. 

If this is your first time to buy, asked your parents first or some of your close relatives. Sometimes, they just store it and always buying new stuff. Me, I want to save and buy quality stuff at a good price. If your mom is like my mom, Nako! She’s a savior and she's good at storing things so lagi syang may extra.

Buy something new more like small things like ribbons and other ornaments that are uso too, to make it more up to date. Classic yet still trendy. 

If you really like to buy everything, head on to Dapitan Arcade. Where everything about Christmas Decors is in store for you. But also be minded of the huge crowd for it is really a go-to place for affordable decors and other stuff. Malls are still ok, air-conditioned for a more comfy shopping and sometimes, discounts are found in every corner you just have to look for it. 

 Sanicare Liwanag Christmas Edition

Kitchen Trouble, Made Double?
The kitchen is for me is the busiest section at home during holidays. To avoid stress in the future, check this out: 

1.  Plan your Christmas Menu Early. 
Oh yes! So there's time to practice and to perfect that recipe.

2. Prepare something new. 
May it be a new dish, desserts, or a warm comforting drink? 
Something to excite your loved ones and guest.

3. Check the Pantry. 
Do your Inventory, then list down the things that you'll be needing and Go Shopping 
And ehem! Stick to your list.

4.  Also, Don't forget to decorate the Kitchen with anything Christmassy too.
So that Xmas vibe will soon kick in, making you feel more jolly and inspired 
as you prepare the food for your family and loved ones.

5. Last, but definitely not the least, 
With you managing all the stress in food preparations and other chores, 
See to it that you choose the Kitchen towels and Tissues that won't let you down. 
With you having to endure all that heat + stress and that kitchen mess, 
Better be accompanied by a Kitchen Hygiene Line by Sanicare. 

Sanicare Kitchen Towel

Sanicare Kitchen Towel

Sanicare Mood Dinner Napkins

Sanicare Kitchen Towels are very absorbent for it has that moisture locking technology.  I find their kitchen towels soft and more absorbent than others, promisePlus, super good quality pa. Actually, from bathroom tissues, wipes, and that Jumbo cotton ball, we use it all at home. I assure you, good quality talaga. Not only that, Sanicare Kitchen Towels comes out with special prints is matchy-matchy for Christmas, there are also specially designed boxes for Christmas in their Facial Tissues too called the Liwanag Christmas Boxes designed by Alex Eduque, The Founder of MovEd

Sanicare Liwanag Christmas Boxes is Inspired by world-class Filipino talent.

Sanicare Liwanag Christmas Boxes is inspired by world-class Filipino talent and the ability of global citizens in finding a ray hope even in the darkest days. 

The Liwanag Christmas Boxes features "Parols" Christmas Lanterns and Stars

The Liwanag Christmas Boxes features "Parols" 
Christmas Lanterns and Stars that symbolizes a notion of promise and unification.  

The Liwanag Christmas Boxes features "Parols" Christmas Lanterns and Stars

It also transcends social classes and lights up in every Filipino's home. 

The Liwanag Christmas Boxes features "Parols" Christmas Lanterns and Stars

Also, for Alex, the star is a constant reminder that we share the same sky and despite the stark differences and circumstances in all corners of the world, that each one of us has a star shining brightly from within.

The Liwanag Christmas Boxes features "Parols" Christmas Lanterns and Stars

Since it's getting a little chilly lately, here's a little something to warm you all up. 
How about a Christmas Promo?

Spreading the Holiday cheer and making it more Christmasy with stuff that oh so looking festively delightful. This 2017, Sanicare is all up for an online Christmas Promo featuring the Liwanag Christmas Boxes.

Prizes that are up for grabs? 
(4) Four All Day Passes to Dream Play
Lunch Buffet for Four (4) at The Cafe at The Hyatt City of Dreams

10 Consolation Prizes: Php2000.00 worth of Sodexo Gift Certificates from Sanicare.

Sanicare Starry Bright Christmas Promo

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Now here's how you can join the...
Starry Bright Christmas Promo

Interested participants, Post your most creative photo on your Facebook account featuring the Sanicare Facial Tissue Liwanag Christmas Box. 

Captions it with "My Christmas is extra bright this year because _______________________!" complete it with your answer. 

Tag 3 of your friends. 

Don't forget to include the official hashtags #SanicareLiwanagSeries #Sanicare #SCPA 

After posting, Visit Sanicare Facebook Page click the promo post and validate/submit your entry link.

Promo runs from November 22 to January 1, 2018
Deadline for submission of entries: January 1, 2018 at 6pm

Announcement of Winners: January 15, 2018 on Sanicare Ph Facebook Page

DTI Permit No. 18311 Series of 2017

See, It's Easy! Join na and Good Luck!
For more details Visit Sanicare Philippines on Facebook