Miyu is a brand-new Korean-formulated skin care from Amway Philippines 

Anything Korean is such a big hit here in the Philippines. In fact "kinain na daw tayo ng sistema ng mga korean drama's" saying was made. Kidding aside, KDrama really did showcase the Korean culture and it was so amazing. From the kilig gestures, cheesy lines, love for their very own heritage, amazing food and of course the not to be missed walang pores, and super pretty skin of the actors and actresses. Hay, inggit much!

Some say that Koreans religiously follow the 10steps skin care regimen.
  1. Cleansing 
  2. Exfoliate 
  3. Toner 
  4. Essence 
  5. Serum & Ampouls 
  6. Sheet Mask 
  7. Eye Cream 
  8. Moisturizer 
  9. Sleep Mask 
  10. SPF
Now, who among you ladies got the time to do all 10? As for me, I can not do all these.

With the busy lifestyle, we all have plus the traffic pa sa EDSA, I bet most of your time would be dedicated to your eyebrows for kilay is life!  So the heck with that 10 steps dear :P

Also that Korean skincare regimen even followed strictly, is I think will not deliver the very same effects mostly Koreans had. For there are major factors to consider like the skin type, weather, and lifestyle. Good thing skincare experts from Korea came up with MIYU 3 in 1 skin care products. It is specially formulated for Filipinas. Finally, that Korean-inspired skin care custom made for Pinays and in just 3 easy steps!

Miyu, - means beauty within you

Miyu is a brand-new Korean-formulated skin care from Amway Philippines that has the natural ingredient called Buckwheat.
Miyu’s Research and Development Manager Dr. Hae Jo 

Miyu is a brand-new Korean-formulated skin care from Amway Philippines 

“Buckwheat extract has been proven to brighten skin and make complexion look fairer while nourishing it to its deepest layer. It’s a natural way to achieve a more glowing skin,” states Dr. Hae Jo, Miyu’s Research and Development Manager. 

Dr. Hae has likewise lead the development of several of Amway’s trusted skin products such as the Hydra V Mist Device, Skin Analyzer, and the Artistry Line of Products. 

MIYU 3 in 1 Skin Care Products for Cleansing. Toning. Moisturizing.
MIYU 3in1 Whitening Cleanser SRP 499.00 100ml
Washes away the dirt from the face while moisturizing and whitening, leaving skin soft, hydrated and bright.

MIYU 3in1 Whitening Toner SRP 699.00 150ml
Contains Chaga Mushroom that helps tighten pores. Together with Buckwheat Extract, 
it tones, minimizes pores and brightens skin.

MIYU 3in1 Whitening Moisturizer SRP 749.00 50ml
Helps brighten skin and gives UV protection while protecting skin from the sun’s harmful rays with SPF30.

This set retails for Php 1,947.00
 Miyu is exclusively distributed by Amway Philippines.  
 Each MIYU product works like 3 products in 1 bottle.
In short, that was almost the 10steps Korean Skin Care regimen in 3 easy steps.
*Oh diba? masks na lang kulang (^.^,)

Miyu is exclusively distributed by Amway Philippines. This beauty products debut strongly makes the lineup of Amway’s signature products younger and more appealing to the millennial market—another milestone to a bigger refreshed Amway.