Meet Jaja, she is my-go-to-friend when it comes to hair goals, fashion, and the latest prettifying trend. We both love coloring our hair and styling it and of course, flaunting it most especially if we are looking so fab and proud about it. But our hair has its limits and so is yours. Styling and coloring can cause damage. The heat applied in every ironing, blow drying plus the chemicals of hair color treated not just once but... errr... countless times can make our crowning glory dull, dry, and frizzy, and prone to breakage. Just look at my "before" photo. Sad.

Status Hair Salon Review

Now, here comes our fairy godmothers from Status Hair Salon. They invited us over to visit and avail their services. First, I checked the brand and see for reviews. Recently, there's a lot of salons with negative feedbacks from previous customers. I don't want to put my hair in the hands of those huh?! So, Please always check the reviews from other customers. Good thing Status Hair Salon is known for great services and outstanding results. Rest assured you're in good hands.

Status Hair Salon Maginhawa Branch
Status Hair Salon located at 140 Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Village Quezon City
We opted for the Maginhawa Branch for we want to do a food crawl sana after. We planned to go there early but something happened and to cut it short we arrived like passed 3 in the afternoon. Surprisingly the branch is just servicing a couple of clients, so yay!!! We are good to go.

The Branch
Located in 140 Maginhawa Street is I bet a nice location where food trippers raved the strip. It'll be a great combination of good food, relaxation, and pampering. It was on the 2nd level of a bldg (Name I didn't catch) Since I was bad with direction, we decided to book an uber and it was easy to find. The Place is a bit spacious, so even if it is fully occupied it won't make you feel uncomfy.

Staus Hair Salon Maginhawa Branch
Staus Hair Salon Maginhawa Branch

Staus Hair Salon Maginhawa Branch
Staus Hair Salon Maginhawa Branch
Staus Hair Salon Maginhawa Branch
Staus Hair Salon Maginhawa Branch

Service and Staff: 
We were greeted warmly by the receptionist Ms. Mai and immediately after were assisted by the senior stylists Ms. Divine and Page. A lil' chit-chat about our hair and what we like to do with it plus knowing their professional recommendations. 

Staus Hair Salon Maginhawa Branch
Jaja and Status Hair Salon Senior Stylist Ms. Divine
Jaja is very particular about what she wants on her hair. She is inquisitive too. As for me I just want my hair to be in one solid color. As you can see on my "before" photo it was more like an ombre' or gradient of fading color, but it's not. It was just me deciding to not do anything else or wait for it to be long enough and cut the colored part. Luckily, Page, the sweet, blonde, and selfie-ready Senior Stylist that is assigned to me took care of the rest with the help for Jay-R that is kinda shy but super mas girl pa sa akin :). Page suggested the 2 ideal color for me to choose from, all from the walnut brownish shade, added hair treatment for the color and hair care for I wished that my hair could have that healthy shine back.

Staus Hair Salon Maginhawa Branch
Jaja and Me
That's us after some procedure was done. (Hair Color + Color Care Treatment) Patiently waiting for our hair to come to life once more. 

Staus Hair Salon Maginhawa Branch
This thing on my hair is minty and cool. my scalp is lovin' it :P
If I remembered it right, this just took an hour plus a couple minutes more. 

Staus Hair Salon Maginhawa Branch

Then my hair was rinsed carefully by Jay-R, towel off and hair brushed while blow drying. Hair Cut and that's it.

Next up is the Nail Care. 
OMG don't look at my feet :P So panget!!! 

Staus Hair Salon Maginhawa Branch

Thanks, Status Hair Salon, and finally nails are looking good again (^.^,)

P.s The staff? all very accommodating and attentive to every need of their clients. And as the day progress, we saw that they already have made a bunch of  "suki" and kept on coming back. This really says a lot about the staff and the management. Even young boys and girls are having their hair done here.

 Ready for The After Effects?

Staus Hair Salon Maginhawa Branch
Pedicure in Orly Nail Polish
Look at Jaja... Her medium length hair in Dark Ash Blonde -You gotta love this girl!!!

Aci Girl at Status Hair salon Maginhawa Branch
That's me, in my Walnut Brown Hair Color

Super Thanks, Status Hair Salon and My Glam Squad for that day Page and Jay-R
Super happy how about the service, experience, and results.
Page. Me and Jay-R of Status Hair Salon Maginhawa Branch

For your next hairdo, Visit Status Hair Salon Branches near you. For Y'all, QC peeps better drop by at their in Maginhawa Branch. It was recently opened last MAY 6, 2017 (my birthday pa yippee!) and please do check and avail the awesome promos of 40% Off in Keratin Treatment or Hair Rebonding. Or the Super Sale Hair Spa for Any Length and Just pay Php500.00 only

Look for Page and get your hair goals achieved at Status Hair Salon Maginhawa Branch
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