May Something talaga with #OishiSnacktacular 

I've been admiring the awesomeness of Oishi Snacktacular for a couple of years already. I am an avid crane arcade player and Oishi Snack Catchers is kinda similar to it only with a major twist. This time, the claw is not that metal clamp but... ME :)

This is my first time to join and experience the said event from OISHI that is happening annually. This year, the Oishi Snacktacular site rose at Festival Mall in Alabang. In 2nd Level Carousel Court to be specific. Oishi booths from snacking to snacks grabbing and hoarding were found all over the place together with the massive crowd that patiently waits for their turn.

So, how did my experience go? 
First of, is you need to secure that Oishi Pass to Wow. Fill it up with your personal details (found at the back of the pass, for identification purposes in case you lost it and of course for the raffle after. I highly suggest that you scope around the area first. Check what line is the shortest and start from there. Then, get sneaky :P See how other participants play and learn from it. 

Before I forgot, each booth comes with a price that ranges from Php20.00-Php295.00 only.

Make You Own Oishi Snack Php20.00
Where all Oishi snacks are there for you to enjoy together with a special dip of your choice. 
For me, I did go for Oishi Breadpan and cheese sauce.

Oishi-Twirl for Php20.00
I choose the chocolate flavored soft serve ice cream topped with Oishi Wafu sticks

Photos by: Lucky Magno

 Lucky and Me (^.^,) in Pabibe suit :P 
Team Effort to catch as many eggs/balls we can 
in exchange for an Oishi beverages after.
Cuckoo Blaster for Php120.00

Oishi Snack Shack P295.00
My other Oishi Snacktacular favorite activity next to Snack Catcher. 
A giant Oishi snack bag of our choice was given for us to fill with Oishi snacks in 60 seconds. 

In my picture, you'll see me super happy with my overflowing Crackling Jumbo pack. 
But please be minded you that the pack should be able to zip so all those snacks in your giant bag is good to go :P

Oishi Snack Catcher Php200.00

Yiheeee, here's the main part that I've been sooooo excited about. 
As mention earlier... Watch and Learn. 

Awesome stash he was able grabbed there right?

And kook, it's Official. 
Congrats Myke Soon for the best hakot award that day. 
Or should I say in the entire Oishi Snacktacular 2017?

I said, watch and learn earlier right?
Now, look at me :P

Photo by: Nicole Paler 
As I was hanging (literally) and making my dreams come true I heard that the witty girl behind the witty Oishi  TV commercial Alex Gonzaga has arrived and she's shouting "Ate, gamitin mo yung legs mo!" :P 

Alex Gonzaga at Oishi Snacktacular 2017
And I knew that moment... I lost it. Na-conscious na ako, Charot! Ang quota ko lang naman that day is maka at least 10packs. After trying it out, It was super fun and I wanna do it again!!! 

So next year mga beshies alam na ah!!! 
Sugod na sa Oishi Snacktacular for that grab all you want Oishi snacks 
and snacking event at kita-kits in the future!

#OishiSnacktacular #OishiPh

xoxo, Aci Girl
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