Since its launch in the Philippines last 2014, foodpanda has been steadily working their numbers up and its leadership vowed to do whatever it takes to keep their delivery game strong.

Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, foodpanda is an online food delivery marketplace that caters to both businesses and direct consumers. For partner restaurants, foodpanda brings brands closer to their audience via online and mobile technology intending to increase demand and boost sales while for customers, it offers convenient food ordering system from a variety of choices right at their fingertips. It caters more specifically to emerging markets like those of at Southeast Asia. “We’re growing faster than ever before, gaining more and more market share. I am very excited with Southeast Asia where we are growing in a very steady, stable position,” says Ralf Wenzel, Global Chief Executive Officer.

Wenzel further added that the online food delivery market presents a 50 billion dollar opportunity and is currently being utilized at just 1 to 2% of the total food delivery industry. “The vast majority of opportunity is still ahead of us. Food delivery is bigger than fashion and even travel. This could be the next big thing in internet,” he explained.

Ralf Wenzel, CEO foodpanda Global

foodpanda is continuously working to arm countries where they are present with not only operational requirements but also with competent, high spirited individuals to carry out the goals and objectives of the brand. All eyes are now on Philippines who is gradually gaining significant numbers for the organization. September of last year, Iacopo Rovere was appointed Chief Executive Officer of foodpanda Philippines. Rovere used to be the Global Operations Manager of foodpanda HQ in Germany before coming here.

Being an Italian native, Iacopo likes eating pizza. But he also cannot refuse the guilty pleasure that is Crispy Pata especially if it is from Tipsy Pig Gastro Pub.

Iacopo Rovere, CEO foodpanda Philippines
“I love the sunny weather and the vivid colors of the countryside, but what I mostly enjoy here is the positive and enthusiastic attitude of the Filipinos,” shares Iacopo. When asked about his leadership style, Rovere said that while formalities and processes are relevant, he is 100% target driven. Results and talent are what count for him the most. He motivates his team by setting a good example and always striving for excellence. He is also very hands on and doesn’t mind working shoulder to shoulder with every employee regardless of their role.

With the competition getting stiffer year on year, foodpanda Philippines will exhaust all efforts to stay relevant and viable to retain their market dominance. “Main thrust at the moment is to switch the offline customers to online and introduce platforms to them on where and how they can have their food delivered,” says Iacopo. foodpanda envisions itself to be the most convenient and fastest online food delivery service in the Philippines. “We target to deliver 99% of orders under 40 minutes by end-of-year, and expand to key cities over the following months,” he added. foodpanda increased its total orders from the first to second quarter this year by over 30%. Their customer satisfaction rating also improved and is now over 90%.

Talking about the group’s strong suit, Iacopo is confident that foodpanda’s established number of restaurant partners nationwide, powerhouse ensemble of delivery operations cast, and perpetually increasing customer satisfaction rating will lead the brand to more successes in the coming years. Brand’s efforts also include forging partnerships with major institutions from different industries to raise awareness like banks, clothing and lifestyle, telecommunications, and various media outfits. “We are only at the beginning of our adventure here in the Philippines. As the awareness and relevance of our brand expands, recognition from the biggest players in the industry also starts to pour, like Jollibee which we recently launched on our platform. We must have been doing something right and this is very rewarding after all the effort our teams puts into our mission,” says the 28 year old CEO.