Who among you guys and gals loved taking photos? almost close to being a shutterbug? yay or nay? I bet most of us do. From family portraits, milestones and celebrations, down to selfies, ootds, and even up to what is on my plate. right?  

But do you ever missed those time when we were able to print it out and put it in an album? It's called Photo Album, am I ringing a bell? If yes, High-5! for you made it to that generation where everything wasn't easy but we were happy. If you can't relate, oh well my dear you're from the futuristic era that we kinda imagine. Where everything is just a few taps and clicks away. Oh no! I'm not complaining. Every genre has its own ups and downs. I know, for I'm in between ;P Mid 80's baby!!! still made the final cut being a Millenial :P

Now, what happened to those amazing pix? In my case, it's all in my tiny black external hard drive. Yep, even my laptop gave up on my tons of files. And sometimes I never looked at it again and when I accidentally do, it brings back memories and I kinda wished I can print it all again and compile it not just in a digital and unseen album but into a more tangible one that I can share with my family and friends for them to see. Perhaps a modern way to preserved those memories? Like scrapbooking but better.

FUJIFILM has a nifty answer to that. 

The FUJIFILM Photo Diary

Now you can put all your pictures together in a cutesy customized album. But not just that, cause it'll be extra special for it'll be properly selected. like the bestest picture will be at a larger size than others, it can be labeled and done in just minutes. You've read it right! done in just minutes! 

The Photo Diary simplifies the task like in choosing from hundred of photos manually and selecting what to print or what through the FUJIFILM's Image Organization Technology, the said software will automatically select the best photo of you and arrange it the best layout possible too. With this, you can create a ready to print layout in just minutes. Also, there are  several designs, templates, and vibrant color themes to choose from. Making it more personalized, pretty easy and stress-free.

Another awesome feature of this technology is that it makes a very handy dandy storage of memories. It's like your very own coffee table book that just the plain looking photo album we had before. It is made of  high-quality photo paper and special insert material making the pages withstand wear and tear. It's a high-quality, hardbound photo book plus it's not that bulky too so you can bring it with you if you like. 

    The Photo Diary Official Launch: October 27. with Cheska Kramer and Lauren Reid


Bea Alonzo's Photo Diary

The Price
The Photo Diary's price starts at P999.00 for 16 pages up to P2199.00 for 40 pages

Wonder Photo Shop and FUJIFILM authorized dealers

The Photo Diary is a fun, creative, easy and modern type of saving photos and making them a lasting memorabilia that can be handed down from generation to generation and shared among family and friends.

FUJIFILM Photo Diary
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