Let's talk about Beauty and let's start with skin care. What's your regimen in taking care of your skin? Me, actually I'm too tamad for this and I'm not doing any. I thought that it won't show any sooner for I just turned 30 this year.

But heck no, and I was wrong. Fine lines are already visible and my skin looks dull and with uneven. Then I started panicking, What should I do? I know skin aging will happen but there are ways to slow it down. So I revisited my favorite reads about skincare regimen, did my research on tips and do's and don't.

And here's some of what I stumble on to:
Drink Plenty of Water. I know, I know this phrase is a super used in skincare. But actually, it's one of the main reason of skin aging talaga. Hydration is the Key! Imagine a plant that you didn't water regularly, it dries up over time, right? so it's basically the same kind of thing that goes on our skin. Also imagine the summer heat, nakaka tuyo talaga diba? so the next tip is for Sunscreen - Sun Protection, harmful rays of the sun is really, really bad for the skin. Before, deadma lang ako sa sunblock but later on I've notice my skin looks so dry and dull and my dermatologists (with s kasi madami sila) always noticed my face and tinatanong ako agad if i use sunblock. oh wells ganun na ata kahalata talaga :P Lastly, Have a Healthy Lifestyle. Eat well and eat right, exercise, have a right amount of sleep.

Together with this tips, food supplements can be a great help too. W to boost it with all-natural food supplements, giving your body all the nutrients it needs to strengthen itself and maintain its youthful vibrancy. While the choice of food supplement is best decided between you and your Physician, there’s one readily available, over-the-counter product tailor-made to manage the aging process. Generika Drugstore’s Nutrawell Collagen with Astaxanthin and Hyaluronic Acid helps the body repair and protect the skin, keeping you beautiful as you age. Certified as organic under the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS), it contains key components that nurture the skin from within.

Nutrawell Collagen is a powder mix that can either be taken on its own or mixed in your favorite drink or food. It has 5000mg of marine Collagen that rejuvenates skin firmness and radiance. The 60mg of Hyaluronic Acid helps prevent osteoarthritis, cataracts, infections, and skin dryness. The 70ug of Astaxanthin helps protect the skin from UV damage. It is a powerful carotenoid antioxidant that helps promote eye health while also aids in preventing cancer. Research also suggest that Astaxanthin is a potential aid in cardiovascular health by possibly lowering down triglycerides, raising good cholesterol and improving blood flow.

Nutrawell Collagen also contains Elastin which helps the skin remain elastic, Biotin which boosts skin, nails and hair health plus it also helps to ease eczema and dermatitis and L-Cystein which can lighten one’s complexion. Of the powder mix’s components, Vitamin C is among the most critical as it is an anti-oxidant that helps the body strengthen its tissues, keeps the heart healthy, and boosts the body’s ability to produce and repair collagen.

Healthy habits paired with the right food supplements can help you keep fit and age with grace. Through these healthy tips and Generika Drugstore’s latest age-management innovation, you can enjoy more out of life while retaining your youthful vigor.

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