No need to go to Spain, France, not even Italy for a Grape Picking Activity.

Grapes can grow in the Philippine soil and can survive the climate too. Ok, I know huli na ako sa balita for Kris TV and Rated K! featured this already in their show not once but twice :P But for some of you that were not familiar to what this was about, kaway-kaway because this post is super made for you. 

During our recent visit to La Union. Again, my very dear friend. Evo, is the leader of the gang for gala-an like this. We were a bit early than expected and is still waiting for Baby Charlotte, the bunso of our weekender travelers group to arrive. We managed to squeezed-in taking a peek at some famous vineyards / grape farms in Bauang, La Union. The Lomboy Farms & Gapuz-Ancheta-Salino Grape Farm

Welcome to Lomboy Grapes and Guapple Farm


We left Manila at 2:30am then we arrived at Lomboy Farms at 6:00 am  and it is still close. Operating hours were 7:00am till 4:00 pm. Good thing there's someone within the area who knows the owner and he called him for us. After a little time of waiting and chit-chat, the owner allowed us to see the vineyard earlier that the said opening hours.

Look at this grape inklings... The next generation of grapes

Lomboy Farms pioneered in Philippine vineyards industry. And a Certified Agri-Learning and Tourism Site by the Department of Agriculture.

In here you'll see 733 grape (high density) plant and 350 Guapple  (intercrop) plant.  
This is the grape flower buds.
While this one is called the flowering buds.
Premature baby grapes?
"Celebrity Grapes"
Grapes planted by Erich Gonzalez

Grapes planted by: Kris Aquino
Check this out: Products available for sale at Lomboy Farms Souvenir items like t-shirts, foldable fan, mug, keychains and more.
 Guapple and Grape Mug of Lomboy Farms
Wineberry Bignay in Aurora Red P300/bottle

Lomboy Farm is also open for Grape Picking Experience. LOMBOY Farms is not just for Grapes, Guapples also available for Php60.00/kilo


Guapple Plantation  Intercropping, means to grow  among different kinds of plant. usually seen as in between spaces or rows just like the picture above alternating between Grapes and Guapple.

 Guapples as for Guava-Apple, larger than the usual guava.

 Meet The Man Behind Lomboy Farms
Mr. Avelino A. Lomboy -a farmer / scientist who put a lot of dedication, passion, and hard work in the Philippines vineyard industry. So that the Filipino people will have the chance to reap the fruitful benefits of having the country's very own Grape vineyards.
Thank you Mr. Lomboy, for opening your farm earlier than the usual, just to accommodate us (^.^,)

Grape Picking Activity at Gapuz-Ancheta-Salino Grape Farm

Pick & Pay for Php250/kilo

Grape picking Activity Area

 It was my very first time to see a Grape Vineyard.
I was so kilig :P

  Grape picking right about now! 

  Basket full of Grapes 

 Grape picking, done!
Gapuz-Salino Grape Farm & Fruit Stand 
Grape plant for sale
 Dragon Fruit also available for sale.
We enjoyed our Grape Picking Experience so much that we took a lot of photos (^.^,) It was a super nice experience and soooo instagramable. Plus we learned a lot about Filipino farming's up's and down's and its innovations Also if it was only given the right amount of time, knowledge and effort it is so promising and could earn up a lot with it. But too bad that farming in the Philippines is not that super anymore. I hope someday we can get back on our feet and be the best that once we used to be. 

Lomboy Farms Facebook
Gapuz-Ancheta-Salino Grape Farm Facebook 

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