This is it! Saving the best for last.
The final installment of my Puerto Princesa Escapade.

This blog post is my favorite part of our Puerto Princesa Escapade. Visiting the newly inaugurated Snorkeling and Dive Site in Palawan called Isla Felomina. #ACiWasHere

P.S it's Isla F-E-L-O-M-I-N-A. I mistakenly thought it's Isla Filomena. But it's not :P So Again, it is Felomina.
How to Get There?

From Sabang Wharf, it's an hour of a smooth sailing boat ride going to New Panggangan. Ask for boatmen that will take you to Isla Felomina for the usual rides along that port are the ones going to the Underground River. Boat capacity: 10 passengers with rental fee of Php3000.00. 

Meet Isla Felomina
Entrance fee  cost Php 160.00 
Isn't She Lovely?

Let start touring... 

First off:Trekking at Isla Felomina

Relax, it will just take 10minutes of your precious time. Trekking route is a little bit steep and slippery especially, on the peak part, but bearable for a newbie like me (^.^,) Wow, I feel so strong! hahaha

Amazing View of the Isla Felomina Cove with Awesome Snorkeling and Diving Scenery.

Snorkeling and Diving Site

FoodTrip Islander Way

Additional Php200.00 if with lunch and snacks.

I strongly suggest that you avail the additional P200.00 that will cover for your lunch and snacks during your stay in the Island. Less hassle of bringing extra stuff and you won't be minding what to prepare and eat but also in a way you help the locals residing there to generate income for their families.

For reservation and tour schedule you may reach the following:
Brgy Captain Hipolito Lebios - 09502972477 | Rosslyn Cayao - 0907569173

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