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Nagtabon Beach
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Nagtabon Beach. Aside from the beach of Microtel by Wyndham, this is the second beach I laid eyes on to in Puerto Princesa and I'm lovin' them all or maybe I'm just biased because I'm super happy being here in Palawan.
How to get there? From Puerto Princesa International Airport it's an hour drive via private transport. as for commuting or public transport, I'm not so sure about that. And honestly I love commuting, but commuting via public transport here in PPS is kind of disappointing. Some tricycle driver's and even jeepney drivers overcharged their passengers particularly if you're a tourist. As for me, I speak tagalog so it was a shocker that they do that to their fellow Pinoy. That's the sad truth on my Puerto Princesa adventure. But I'm not judging in general. There's still some honest drivers there is in PPS.
Just before we reach the Nagtabon beach, there's this viewing place with entrance fee or 10-20 pesos per head where you can take a peak of the beach in an amazing angle. You won't miss it for they have cottages and it's just before your final turn going down Nagtabon beach or I might be wrong :P Sorry, but you'll definitely see people taking selfies and that's when you know you're in the right place.

And we hit the Beach. I like beaches but swimming is in it is not my thing or maybe it depends on my mood and  most especially if it's crowded. The moment we hit the parking area, I heard Rocky, son our host Direk Ga, saying "Ang daming tao"  There's a lot of people in translation :P. Shocks I don't like swimming nga when it's crowded. huhuhu.
Only to find out that there are less than 30 persons in the area. Some in the cottages, some on shore and others were swimming. I thought it's an over reaction by him because 30 isn't a lot where we came from :P But for the local's 30 is a big crowd already.  Yey! Good for me.
Upon strolling the Nagtabon Beach, Feast your eyes to its relaxing scenery.
My very dear friend, Evo. As mention in my previous posts is from Palawan. He is so excited to show us around Nagtabon Beach because it is one of his favorite beaches to go to during his younger years. He said, there is an amazing spot at the end of Nagtabon that he frequently go to. 
There's a minimal entrance fee that I think is Php.10.00/head. There's only 1 comfort room provincial style that is made from Sawali wallings and a toilet bowl :P And the water supply is via deep well manual water pump where you have to work for your bath :P P.s you have to pay it too. They'll charge Php20/use of CR with water that you worked out  for to fetch
It didn't take long and we reach Evo's happy place :P It's rocky and sort of dangerous but it's worth it. As we walk on to our not so secret destination I noticed a familiar scene from my younger years too... Shaider :P. There it is, I gave myself up :P Batang 80s here hahaha. He said that those rocks became so sharp because big and strong waves hit it over and over again through the years and that's the outcome. ooooww!
Nagtabon Beach is really a nice place to visit.
It's not too crowded and you'll surely enjoy your stay.

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