Calaguas Beach Adventure 
Aci, as an Island Girl

I was once an island girl. Yep I am! Back on my childhood days at the beautiful province of Romblon. My Pappi's hometown. Where my pag-gising sa umaga is the hardest thing. Not even my Uncle's rooster can wake me up. But there's this one thing that never fails to do so. The sound of that morning waves of the sea is the one who wakes me up everyday. When that sound reaches my ears, it somehow travels through my heart then BOOM! I'm wide awake and there I go running to the shore. I was like this, always, whenever I was at Romblon. Oh how  I missed those days. Just sitting at the pebble beach enjoying the view or our neighboring island and that perfect salty breezy air and that amazing golden sun. I can just sit there all day and stare at that beautiful horizon. Oh gee'z I wanna go backkkkk! But I can't. My life is here now *sigh

But whenever there's an opportunity of hitting the beach. I'm always up for it. So the moment a friend invited me for an island getaway I said yes right away! without even knowing where on PH would that be :P and besides it's my first time to hit the beach of CALAGUAS!!!

So I didn't do research to where we'll be heading. Cause I don't want to spoil the fun. All I know is "maganda doon" from pictures on instagram and from the words of my friends-friend.

How to get there... Calaguas Island

I took a bus ride from Cubao to Daet I had a glimpse of the bus'es info, located mostly on the end of the bus saying "Camarines Norte". Excuse the "not so bibo in geography' me, but where the hell is Camarines Norte??? Then excitement fills my heart. Ang saya-saya ang layo neto for sure! 

just so you know:  It was only last year that I started travelling. It was sort of "my gift to self" idea to start exploring Philippines and have a quite time with my self and detached from the stress I have in life. Ok. let's stop this na, cause I don't want to infuse this post with drama hahaha.

We left Cubao at 11pm (usually 10pm) and arrived at Daet at 6 or 7am. Then a van picked us up and dropped us at the some-kind of a port where big banca's are parked. It's going to be a 2hour Bangka-ride at first I was kinda nervous because I had this crazy-bumpy ride the last time I was in Romblon, we missed the ship that was supposed to take us to the island. We are left with no choice but to ride a mini boat with 20pax capacity. To cut the story short it was one of the bumpiest bangka ride ever of my life. I will make  separate kwento my Romblon trip next time. After 2 hours of a smooth sailing I thanked God, Bangka ride, we reached our destination. repeat for emphasis... Our Awesome Destination. 

The boat has landed... charaught!
Sorry I had not taken pictures of our arrival not because my fone is away from me but because of it's amazing view. I think the only senses available on my body that time was my sight. Other than that is I think not working properly and still in awe.

After quite a while my other senses came back to normal limits, specially my sense from the skin, the sense of touch/feeling. Yep felt my skin burning because of that scorching heat and I must immediately find shelter. lol shade I mean. and here's my pictures taken under the shade of that talisay or tuba-tuba tree or whatever tree it maybe.

Get to know more about Calaguas IAdventure...
Calaguas IAdventure, headed by Mark Ramirez with his lovely wife Shiela, Kuya Jay + the rest of the #TeamCalaguasIAdventure. hosted my unforgettable island adventure. it's more like a camping destination in Calaguas Islands, particularly the Mahabang Buhangin.

Calaguas IAdventure offers affordable travel package rates. For  a 2days/1night stay, posted rates is P2200.00/pax (without transportaion) and P3200.00/pax with Bus MNL-DAET

Meals ala Buffet.
It's affordable, right? Now what happened after my arrival at the island? I think we arrived at 10 or 11am and waited for lunch time. Yes!!! I just waited. P.s I didn't bring any baon with me because if you'll notice on the picture above (the one with the notes on it.) it says MEALS on BUFFET. And by meals it means breakfast, lunch and dinner all in buffet set up. We all know that if it is a swimming event mabilis tayo magutom. having not to worry about food is a such a breeze. Now how cool was that?! But please, feel free to bring your own snacks and cooking is still allowed most specially if you are a picky eater or you want something that is not on their menu.

Since we're kinda tired from that long bus trip + boat ride we decided to chill for a while at our Kubo-style cottage that is facing the beach and that crystal clear waters make the view more pleasant.

 And just enjoying the view of a beautiful sunset. 
And by the world "just enjoying" meaning I forgot again to take pictures. 
Because it's super duper pretty and I just let my eyes enjoy and savor that moment.

As the skies turned dark. I was amazed that I didn't felt scared or uneasy. I used to travelling with a group of friends or at least even with daddyO beside me. But for a certain reason and my own self challenge that I've been up to lately. (to travel alone) I kinda enjoyed it. And somehow it makes me feel a'lil stronger. Actually,  I'm afraid of the dark but this time the night calms me, maybe because the moon shines so bright and there are lots of stars that night. As in the most number of stars I've ever seen in my entire life. This time I manage to take some photos, but my camera did deliver. so it's not worthy of the upload.

As the night catches up, I thought sooner or later it'll be sleeping time. But my thoughts were wrong...

Because here in Calaguas, 8pm is Party Time!!!

They have this mobile bar with free flowing drinks at NO EXTRA COST 
for #CalaguasIAdventure Guests

 So drink pa more!!!

Do you ever wonder what happens after 12 midnight? 
It's time for the  "Lights Out" 

The island, during the day has no electricity, so therefore there's no wifi/internet connection either. and Oh! did I mention wala ring signal :P So walang chance ang social media postings here (^.^,) can you live with that? even just for a couple of days? if yes... Congratulations!!! your not that super clingy to technology pa. If I remember it correctly the electricity is up and running from 6pm till 12midnight. So better load that powerbank up for your next day gadgets and fone battery juice. 

just so you know:  I only charged my powerbank (not my phone) at their charging station. I was kinda hesitant actually dahil medyo branded ang powerbank ko ah. But as I gazed upon their charging station, hiyang hiya naman ang mga iphone 6s  and Samsung note sa asus phone ko na ayaw ko pang iwanan :P 

Sir Mark said:
Iwanan mo na yung phone mo jan, di yan mawawala. Walang nangunguha dito.

But I have trusts issues :P kaya powerbank na lang muna. But if those people with higher value of phone leaves their fone at the charging area, baka nga safe naman. And besides I admire the confidence Sir Mark has for his staff. Bihira ang mapagkakatiwalaan these days. 

Actually my "Faith to humanity" was put to test during our stay at the island. I left my powerbank to charge at their charging station. I forgot to get it before lights out so I came back for it the next day only to find my powerbank sitting alone besides the plugging station with my asus plug and cord missing. I was like "what the F? akala ko ba walang nawawala dito?" I was analyzing to myself if trip lang ng kumuha ang manguha why left my powerbank pa? why not take it too for it cost 3500 mas mahal pa kesa sa charger :P But still nananalig ako na babalik sya baka nag charge lang sya somewhere kahit alam ko namang walang kuryente during the day :P But infairness bumalik ang charger ko the next day. As per Sir Mark, may isa daw na akala nya charger nya ung nasa powerbank ko kaya kinuha. Upon checking his things dalawa yung charger nya kaya ayun sinoli naman. I still wonder sinetch itey. choz! so faith to humanity restored ang peg.

Island Accommodations.

Kubo Cottages and Coleman Tent

 I brought my own tent  I named it "Orange Igloo" (^.^)
But for you people, there's no need to bring your own tent. 

Because #TeamCalaguasIAdventure got you covered. Unless you really want to bring your own like me. The reason why I bring my own tent is  because I'm somewhat claustrophobic. I checked how tents for 1-2 persons looks like and upon seeing it, it's a BIG NO, because I don't like small spaces and by the way I sleep I bet my tent will collapse in just a matter of 2hours or less sa likot ko matulog :P kaya ang tent ko pang pamilya ang size pero for my personal use lang :P

Trekking at Mahabang Buhangin
Please note that this is my first ever akyat :P

 Thanks to My Trekking Guide: Sir Jay.
Makailang beses nya din ata akong hinila at inantay ng bonggang bongga. 
You'll see more of him later on this post.

Gals let me introduce Sir Jay... single yan mabaet, masipag, love life na lang kulang dabah sir? 
 Sir Jay! #TextPaMore

akala nyo anino noh? ako po yan :P 
si Sir Jay still trying connect to the other side...

just so you know: Dito lang may signal (^.^,) 
So alam na this. If you need to text or call someone this is the place to be.

Island Hopping.

If you like to experience this, better ask Sir Mark about it ahead and be minded of your schedule.
I think there is 2 batches for Island hopping. One in the morning and the other one in the afternoon.

The Itinerary posted is more likely a DIY. During your stay at the island expect no one to assist you in terms of reminding you of what's the next activity, where to go to next etc. As per Sir Mark and Sir Jay, they like their guest to experience the real thing. Camping style in tents as the only accommodations. No fancy hotel or whatever. You have to make igib your water pampaligo in the poso. I find this idea super nice. Pag hirapan mo ang pampaligo mo. But good thing this have a concrete toilet. Actually I imagine having the sawali with a deep hukays as a toilet for camping eh. T'was such a relief that they have a decent cr's for campers.

Skim Board

Also they have the facilities needed for the activities that you may like. Example is the skim board and kayak. Just ask for the skim boards to any of the #TeamCalaguasIadventure and they'll be gladly to get you one. As for the kayak's it's waiting for you at the shore already :P Unlimited use pa. So  I suggest plan your own Island activities and let them know about it so they can provide what ever you will need for that island adventure to remember.

Just so you know: the life at the island seems pretty slow 
I did a lot of things already still there's a lot of time left for me to spend.

Allow me to enumerate what "a lot of things" means to my world.
Consider this as bonus post :P

#1 Sound Trip
naubos ko na ata lahat ng nasa playlist ko still there's more time...

#2 Play that Guitar
As for me I'm OK listening to it. hehe I dont know how to play it :P

#3 Card Games

#4 Souvenir Shopping
Items up for sale were, wooden sea creature key chains, mugs, ref magnets and shirts.

#5 Volleyballing
Well since I'm alone all I did with this place was to take pictures :P

#6 is to sip that ice cold Coke at its best #TasteTheFeeling 
Ang coke na ito ay available sa suking tindahan. yes, may sarisari store sa isla :P
May shampoo, conditioner at kung anik-anik pa.

#7 Kayaking

#8 is to eat  that halo-halo

#9 Sunbathing

taking that "time lapse" vid. please excuse my improvise hollow mount :P

#10 Catch that Sunset and take some selfie!
 as for them it's groufie (^.^,)

check out my sunset photos too. 

I hope that this may help you get busy during you Island getaway 

On our last night at the island we where lucky enough to see a Poi dance from Sir Mark's friend who happened to be just visiting the island too.

And that's it for that night... aside for the mobile bar that is still on till 12midnight ae,
I choose to sleep early (^.^,)
pero nagising pa din ako sa ayun naglakad lakad na lang muna ako sa dalampasigan 
and enjoy the night away.
Then after that... I go back to sleep :P

The next day... I did trekking once more.
Pano ba namang hindi ito ang nabasa kong message: 
"Please respond once received this text, offline ka sa fb" - daddyO
promise, on that note, nag-aalala na si daddyO kasi offline ako sa fb hahaha at di sya sanay

 one final stroll at the beach... and till we meet again, beautiful sands of calaguas.

and I hate this part... The Uwian Part :(

We left the island at around 1pm and reached the port of Daet at 3:15pm. The other groups head on for a side trip to "Bagasbas" for a surfing experience ata. But me, I decided to go home na but first let me get some pasalubong for my kiddos.

just so you know: our boat ride to Daet is a bit bumpy and waves came once in a while and hit me. so ayun, basa ang lola nyo :P good thing I always bring extra clothes. But I didn't get to use it because I want to have that reason just to buy a shirt  with Calaguas in it :P Don't worry there's a place where you can shower in the port for a fee of P10.00

That concludes my role as an island girl at #CalaguasIAdventure
Super thanks to this bunch ...
The #TeamCalaguasIAdventure
They look sooooo serious. 
(oh no, not in this picture but you'll see what I mean, once you see them in the flesh)
Yet they were very nice, very accommodating and super friendly people.

Now,  are you up to book your Island Getaway 
with #CalaguasIAdventure?
Book your stay and contact Sir Mark Ramirez at: 09166643585 | 09395180474
for more updates check them out in facebook: