Staying true to their promise of clearer blemish-free, fairer skin since 2001. MAXI-PEEL is the no.1 Exfoliant Solution in the country.

Being one of the leaders in the industry of skin care. MAXI-PEEL, has taken bold moves in moving the category forward. In the past years, it has shifted towards beauty advertising that features real women, who have successfully tried the MAXI-PEEL regimen and are proud to share their journeys and their stories in order to inspire other woman who facing the same problems on their skin.

This 2016, MAXI-PEEL will be launching the country's forst ever TunaySerye. A webisodes/reality show chronicling the day-today life of a real Filipino girl who has started her journey towards bagong ganda, bagong pag-asa.

This campaign may seem ambitious, because this campaign shifts its spotlight on an ordinary girl who has a genuine skin problem (Pimples) and challenges her to give MAXI-PEEL a try that may help her achieve beter skin.

The star of this TunaySerye is Jeff,  a girl on her 20's... yep she's a girl, her name is derived from her father's name (Jeffrey so it's Jefferlyn something) Talented as she maybe, Jeff has big dreams. To be an actress someday. But the how can this happen if she has pimples all over her face? 

The more pimples on her face, the less confidence she holds. In  this TunaySerye, she is given the chance to regain what she once lost and more...

Today, as Jeff faces the press for the very first time. She will also meet her Marian Rivera-Dantes -the celebrity endorser of MAXI_PEEL who happens to be Jeff's ultimate idol. 

Marian Rivera-Dantes surprises Jeff on the Bagong Ganda, Bagong Pag-Asa by Maxi-Peel PressCon

Jeff of the Maxi-Peel TunaySerye is on FanGirling mode with Marian Rivera-Dantes (^.^,)

Marian Rivera-Dantes is a long-time MAXI-PEEL ambassador who has provided inspiration and motivation to many MAXI-PEEL users.

 Marian Rivera-Dantes as Maxi-Peel user and ambassador for 8years

Catch Jeff  on her journey to Bagong Ganda, Bagong Pag-Asa MAXI-PEEL TunaySerye daily posts on MAXI-PEEL's facebook page. Or better yet join her in her journey to having clear, healthy, pimple free skin with the use of the MAXI-PEEL day and night regimen.

Watch as she attends and takes part in live photo shoots and guesting. Bear witness as new skin, new beauty, and new hope unveils right before your eyes and the nations.

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