Saturday, April 23, 2016

12 Things To Do at Aquaria WaterPark (other than swimming)

As promised, on my previous post about the Aquaria Water Park. Here's what I did last summer... 

I mean this summer at The Aquaria Water Park in Calatagan, Batangas.

#1 Stroll at the Shore
c. rain 

I love long walks at the beach. It has that therapeutic effect on me where I can clear my mind and just breathe in with positive vibes. Having that time for myself to make muni-muni and find that certain serenity. But a walk with a friend is good too. Where you can share your deepest thoughts or just have a good laugh at things in life.

#2 Bond with friends
^photo credit: Ron Oriel
Reconnect not thru wifi or being online but reconnect with friend the real kind of way. Talk to each other and bond with the good-old-classic way. Where you can have that laugh as hahahha and not lol'ing :P

#3 Selfie Mode Everywhere
 Uhm guys you know the drill... need I say more?

And  the 4th thing is related to #Selfie... any guesses???

#4 is "Pictorial" mode
 Again this is self-explanatory... choz!!!

See? Picture Pa More!!!
The Bantay Dagat Pose (^.^,)

#5 Kayaking

How far can you go? without a paddle? Joke!!! You can ride solo or with a friend and work that arm muscles out!

#6 Pedal Boating

This I think you need some friends to ride along with. A boat with a pedal like what I've seen at the EK's Swan ride. A simple work out for your legs I guess + team coordination or your friendship is at stake (^.^,)

#7 Banana Boating

#AlamNaThis Guys, I don't like falling off the banana boat. Cause my first fall hurts like hell hahah maybe that's the reason why I beg for the boat man not to make "hulog" us :P But still loving the thrill I get from this.

#8 Buzz Bomb Ride
 Don't underestimate this baby! Because it's the Bomb hahaha
Listen Carefully... 
blah blah blah kumapit ng maige... huwatttt?
Now I know... #KapitPaMore

 Tingnan nyo naman si Koya, ang sweet diba? tinitingnan kung okay lang kami (^.^,)
Kasi If okay lang kami bibilisan nya pa more :P kaya #kapitpamore talaga!!!

#9 Jetskiing
Taray! hahaha insert #4 of Pictorial Mode :P

#10 To be inked or not to be Inked

Either way keri lang because they have henna tattoo's naman and they also offer permanent tattoo sa mga buo na ang loob to get one.

#11 FoodTrip 

Bring Your own baon man yan or dining at The Sands Restaurant FoodTrip is a must in every swimming destination. Bukod sa dami ng activities na sinabi ko eh nakakagutom naman talaga ang mag swimming. kaya kainan na!!!

Breakfast at The Sands Restaurant



Last but not the least 
#12 The View of That Beautiful SunSet 
A lovely way to end your day at the Aquaria Water Park

 Read my previous post about Aquaria Water Park here

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  1. ang saya naman nito! sarap pa ng mga foooooodies

  2. That Bantay Dagat pose! Hehehe! How much tattoo? Yung permanent?


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