Look what I found on my therapeutic "mall tour"...

Oh wait, that is my term for my out of the blue window shopping trips at the mall for me to unwind and have a me-time. It's not the usual mall tour of the ta-artits ah :)

Here it is. Most of the girls, I say all ages love Barbie so much. That every merchandise Barbie is in to is a must buy for us. 

Lookie look at this comfy  Barbie sleepwear 
 Oh here, another cutey (^.^,)
 But wait there's more...

ahahaha, sounds like that online shopping add lol

But uh-huh there is really "More" about this one

For every Barbie Sleepwear you purchase (single receipt) entitles you to a FREE yep! 
You have read it right... FREE Barbie Glam Tank Tops or Barbie Shorts

Wow for freebies (^.^,)

Promo is good until March 15th Only
Claiming of the Freebies is until 60 days from end of promotion date.

Head on to the SM Supermalls near you.
And don't miss the chance to take home that cutesy Barbie Tank Top or Shorts or Both (^.^,)

Happy Shopping!!!