The Works Behind or Under? A Hot Air Balloon

I'm still in cloud9 sa happiness na idinulot ng Hot Air Balloon event na ito. There's a lot of pictures on my camera and I, oh so like to share it with you guys. Sana lang in hype din kayo sa hot air balloon as I am (^.^,) Got super curious how hot air balloon works. I tried the paper lantern lighting a year ago sa zoocobia and medyo inline ang technology nun dabah "hot-air-flight" lols

Now to kill the time while waiting for the Hot Air Balloon NIGHT GLOW to start. Observe mode to the Hot Air balloon team and crew as they prepared for it. And WOW!!! naamaze ako!

The Madlang People waiting for the Night Glow

But first, allow me to be a Science and Technology teacher for this post. let's get to know more about Hot Air Balloon. Ok, Class, Look on the diagram below:

Parts of a Hot Air Balloon

Did you know that the Hot Air Balloon is the first ever successful flight-ing mechanism and also the oldest flight vessel? Originated from France in the 1700. Ooh! Vintage!!! The first ever passengers of the hot air balloon is a chicken, a duck and a sheep and the flight lasted for 8 minutes. The envelop is made up of Rip-Stop Nylon and they have a "Chase Crew" that followed them every inch of the flight. I kinda saw their lil action with this astig 4x4 wheels. for me they we're like the kabit-ligpit crew that looks super cool with a rugged ride (^.^,)

PreFlight Prep
First is a Weather Check. The pilot must check the weather condition of the chosen take-off point. Favorable wind current is a must, if it's too strong it might carry the balloon away and it's not safe for the riders. Ideally is a super slow wind for easy take off ang landing. Clear skies is a must and no low lying clouds or any sort of obstruction for the pilot to see clearly while on flight.

Rain Check: Bawal ang rain kasi baka di na maging hot yung air ng hot air balloon. Baka hindi ma-achieve ang ideal temperature (^.^,)

And if the skies is clear, Let get this started!
Step1: Laying out of the "envelop" by the Chase Crew
The Chase Crew, Preppin Up to Set it Up (^.^,)

Step2: Inflating the envelop using an "inflator fan" A super powered fan (^.^,) 

Step3: Blasting of heat using a "burner"
Blasting using the burner heats the air inside the envelop building pressure to fully inflate the balloon.
   Step4: Steady Flame that resulting the lift off from the group of the envelop.
 Dang! He's Hot! 
Ay that's hot pala! wait what's hot?- 
The flame from my heart ayyyy! burner pala (^.^,)

  Amazing isn't it?

Night Glow is the finale of every HotAir Balloon Exhibit. Where every hot air balloon is on display up for a glow in the dark experience. For me this is the best part ever of the 20th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.

Little Girl and Boy Balloon | United Kingdom
Baby Dino | USA

 And the crowd loves it!!!
Ayan ah... sana nag enjoy kayo sa lesson for today!

The Balloonist Prayer
The winds have welcomed you with softness
The sun has blessed you with its warm hands
You have flown so high and so well
That God has joined you in your laughter
and set you gently back into the loving arms of mother earth.
*closing remarks for balloon flight ideally with a champagne toast.

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