4 minus 2 equals Me and You.
Originally, The instant trip was a plan for 4. But due to some issues beyond our control may dalawang di sumipot na itago natin sa pangalang C1 at C2 hahaha :P peace friends!!! I was a bit sad about it because I am already expecting to see them again. Dahil ang hirap magpabooking sa mga ito :P (C2 I'm still waiting for you med.cert hahaha) But carry on... The instant Binondo Trip for 4 turned out to be a date with my superfriend Card. 

Let's Get lost In Binondo.
I am born and raised in Manila but... heheheh I am a ligawing pusa, mahina sa directions and makakalimutin :P Easy to get lost ika nga. And si Card, even graduate ng FEU ay di din napapadpad sa chinatown kaya nagkatinginan kami as if asking ourselves "now what?" "tara uwian na?" hahahaha Pero kami pa ba? "Kaya natin toh!" and we themed our trip as "Lets Get Lost In Binondo" thingy :P

Phone A Friend
Buti na lang anjan si Bea (^.^,) to help. Isang message lang, ayan na to the rescue kahit short notice. We agreed to meet up at Sta Cruz Church. 

While waiting we saw vendors selling different charms and goodies. Little by little we took steps, Saw a cutesy charm here and there and we didn't even notice napalayo na pala kami :P "Ehem, Bea where are you?" 

I am constantly sending photos of our location dahil di ko alam kung nasan na kami, buti na lang kabisado ni BEA and she found us waiting inside the Binondo Church.

Now the Real (quick) Binondo Trip starts.

Bea, saves the day!

FoodTripin in Binondo
I'm kinda late on our agreed time so I dont have the guts to have time for breaky.kaya wala pang lunch time hungrybells na aketch. When I asked Card san kakain?I'm hoping not sa usual food chain or resto Lord, Please... No! hahaha Whenever I'm on a road-trip gusto ko sana is yung local food ang matikman. 

Because, Ladies and Gentleman, I do believe that Travelling places it's not just only about sight-seeing of  the structures built, views or the natural landforms, waterforms etc for us to see but as well as the food, It's a major major part of a culture and heritage. Thenkyeww!

We decided to have our lunch at Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant in Binondo but super long ang waiting line :( Buti na lang knows ni Bea ang branches nitey and we head on to Lucky Chinatown, there we were on #2 sa cue (^.^,) Most raved fried chicken daw ang chicken ng Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant. Medyo nadala na ako s amga komentong ganyan and di ako basta basta naniniwala if someone said masarap nga. To taste it for myself is to believe. Right? 

What did we order?

BBQ Spareribs P120.00

Crab Rice (Big) P160

Sincerity Fried Chicken (Whole) P320

Chopsuey (Big) P220

Verdict? Totoo ang chismis!!! Sincerly masarap ang chicken nila! Crunchy and tasty (^.^,) 

 *photo from Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant via ZomatoPh

Okey, busog na ako. Galabells ulit (^.^,)
almost done with Lucky Chinatown Mall (outdoor display) 
Last Stop: A Chinese Temple called Seng Guan Temple

 Goodbye Lucky Chinatown Mall, Hello Seng Guan Temple!

 Seng Guan Temple
 My first time to be in a Chinese Temple ever, so I don't know how to behave.
 I hope wala akong naviolate sa pag pasok ko sa templo. 

And that's our quick trip to Chinatown Binondo, The oldest Chinatown in the world (^.^,)

Photos were taken via Camera Phone Only:
Oppo Mirror5 #ASparkOfBrillance
Asus Zenfone Laser 2.0 #SeeWhatOthersCantSee

Xie Xie @Card and @Beapots (^.^,)
Gong Xi Fa Cai Everyone!