Another amazing reason why kids love telpad!!!

PLDT Home partnered with Cartoon Network for the first ever Toon Machine Philippines and I'm feeling so grateful that I get to experience it with my kids!

Toon Machine is a giant Toy Crane Arcade with a twist! yep with a TWIST! The kids are the one in control (^.^,) and it's going to be the parent/guardian to play the part of the "Claw" or the "Grabber".

Upon just seeing the giant toy crane my kids went freakingly excited! And if you know me better, ehem, I'm afraid of heights!!! I signed them up and register for the toy crane arcade experience and I listed their Dad's name hahaha even on the way pa lang si hubby. I thought I had time, but our names been called wala pa si hubby and shoot! my plan backed fire on me :P I need to be strong ahahaha becauseI don't want to disappoint my kids lalo pa't may grab order na sila :P (Chloe: Bratz doll, Ricci: Giant Jake, and Charles: Toys for the Boys)

 Kids in Control (^.^,)

Thanked God and I survived it! Yung face ng kids ko seems worried as I was being lifted up after my allotted time to grab the toys. Worried not about the safety of their mom but for their grab orders if nakuha ko ba? hahahahha and as they see my hakot they all jumped for joy!!! #PricelessMomMoments 

Thank's PLDT Home and Cartoon Network for this Super Awesome Experience!!!

Aside from the Giant Toy Crane Arcade were games and activity booths too. 

Face Painting Station

Christmas Ornament Making Station

Puzzle Game Booth

Christmas BearStack Challenge

 Pldt Home #KidsLoveTelpad Gaming Booth 

Pic Me! Pic Me! Photo Booth

Please do catch the Cartoon Network Toon Machine while you still can!

Last Day Today: December 23, 2015 at the SM Mall Of Asia Music Hall
Admission is FREE
10-15 lucky guest will be drawn every hour to experience the Toon Machine try your luck na!!!

Behind The Scenes at The Cartoon Network Giant Toy Crane Arcade

 Even for the Kids at Heart (^.^,) 
  *Ryan and Enzo

Meet And Greet Cartoon Network's Ben10, Finn and  Jake of Adventure Time and more!!!
Cartoon Network's Characters Meet And Greet Sesh

Thank's to  PLDT Home #KidsLoveTelpad and Cartoon Network!