At a very young age inclined na talaga ako sa music most specially old songs from 80-90s, love songs even kundiman and super old opm's. I grew up with my Nanay's (lola) radio cassette and of course, na-mana ko ang taste nya sa music. 

Good thing my Tito Raff is also into music and whenever nanay is out to go to the nearest market is the moment my Tito will switch the radio station channel and I must admit sa kanya ko nakuha lahat ng tapes and cd's back in the day. Imagine this, at the age of 5 Quando Quando ang genre ko? Buti na-insert si Carpenters, Richard Marx and Kenny Rankin or else hahaha ang old ng tastes ko sa music.

But what is good music if basag naman ang tunog ng audio speakers mo? 

That's the time that I started eyeing for a good kind of audio devices. I bought big amplifiers and speakers for party mode, headphones, and earphones to fit my mood if I like to shut the world down and play sentimental songs alone minus the noise from the world.

Seems OK, but sometimes I find it disturbing if I'm all tangled up with the cords of my earphones. It ruins the good vibe if I feel like dancing. Because momentarily it falls off and at times it's discomforting because maliit yung tenga ko. That is why I prefer over-the-ear headphones for less stress. The only disadvantage is that it's too bulky and umiinit tenga ko pag tagal and sumasakit. sigh...

Enough with my negativity about it because finally something sweet came along from Digits TradingSa sobrang sweet BlueAnt ito (^.^,)

My Recent Favorite Things: My Goldie Asus Phone, My 1st tangible, lasting IPOD touch na VDAY Gift From Hubby
and Something to keep me up and PUMPing with my music beats: BlueAnt PUMP MINI from Digits Trading
It is a BlueAnt PUMP MINI Wireless HD Audio Sportbuds

Packaging: Black and Hot Pink two of my favorite colors
Super excited and love it to bits (^.^,) It was my first time to have an earpiece as dainty as this!
Take a look and let's find out what's in it.
  • PUMP MINI earphones
  • Ear tips in small, medium and large
  • Stabilizers in small, medium and large
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty
Charging time: Less than 1hr
With over 6 hours of play time on just an hour of charging the PUMP MINI, sounds super great right? and it is, literally!

The PUMP MINI has a microUSB port for east charging access with any standard cable. Once done with charging I'm good to go and hit that PLAY button once more and be back on my music and running track.

PUMP MINI has an iPhone battery meter for you to see on screen how much battery percentage is left.

Ear Tips and Stabilizers in S, M and L sizes
Because the PUMP MINI kit comes with ear tips and stabilizers in all sizes it will perfectly fit for sure. No more falling off so no more stopping me from my run time, gym time, or whatever "me-time" you were  into. Our dose of own music delivered comfortably and in superb quality audio piece

BLUEANT PUMP MINI: What is it made of?
SuperFit System
One Touch Controls for your Music and Calls

Easy access buttons/controls right on the cable. With built-in microphone for you to answers your calls easily while on-the-go. Adjust the volume for your liking, skip tracks and even access the internet via Siri and google now all without having to take out your phone. 

Wireless | Bluetooth Connectivity
General Specifications
Bluetooth ® 4.1
Up to 10 meters (33 feet) RF coverage.
CE, FCC, BQB, Ctick, RoHS/WEEE Compliant.
Headset Profile, Handsfree Profile, A2DP, PBAP, Micro USB Connector
Rapid Charge - a full charge in less than 1 hour
Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Battery: 3.7V Rechargeable Lithium Ion Polymer Cell
Up to 6 hrs talk time and 440 hrs Standby Time with charge time of 1 hour
Weight: 0.54 oz/16 g
Audio: 3GPP with DSP solution, APTX
Dimensions: 525 x 30 x 14mm / 20.66 x 1.21 x 0.55in

Honestly, I was happy and sad at the same time. Happy, for this BlueAnt PUMP Mini came as a surprise. Aside from the fact that I love surprises is that I love everything that deals with my music freaky-ness. Plus it comes in hot pink and black. Colors that I love!

Here is where the sad part came in. The PUMP MINI is an earphone, meaning inside the ear canal audio device. My major problem about it is that my ears were too small and so is my ear canal of course, hahaha. Would you believe mas malaki pa ang ear ng son ko sa akin and magka-size kami ng ear ng 6 year old daughter ko (^.^,) kaya I always settle for over the ear headphones for a more boombastic feel minus the frequent falling off and ear aches not because of super loud volume but the size of the earphones I use.

This PUMP MINI by BlueAnt from Digits Trading is the reason why I started liking earphones again. 

No more ear aches and falling off issues for it super fit system is great, it lessen the unwanted noise while delivering only your best music with bestest audio quality. My dose of music delivered superbly amazing with comfort! No more tangled moments while dancing that can lead to again falling off buds and interruption of the good vibe. I love this already that I'm willing to let go of my wireless headphones for now and will use this PUMP MINI more often (^.^,) 

I will also write a review about BlueAnt PUMP MIni for this categories (RoadTesting + While On The Run) I want to see how I will perform with it during trainings and on races. Please do check my blog regularly for updates. Thankie (^.^,)

 For a rock solid fit and all day comfort Superb HD Audio Everywhere you go.
Grab your own BlueAnt PUMP MINI Sportbuds

Available in Black, Green, Pink, Purple, Orange and Red