Christmas is just around the corner, but it seems that we're missing that special breeze. Yung may pagka "malamig ang simoy ng hangin" peg?  

But that can't stop the spirit of Christmas. 
Oh, Yes it cant! We, Filipinos were very into it, being the country who celebrates Christmas season for almost 4 months dibah? Ber Months is Christmas Season to most of us na. 

This is the time where everyone is so busy as a bee. From home decorations, buying of your family's pamasko outfit, planning for family Christmas dinner down to the gifts to give out on Christmas day.

But behind all those preparations, Ever wonder what is your Christmas wishlist for yourself? c'mon don't be shy. Even me, at the corners or my mind is having an imaginary checklist of my wishlist :P

And I'm sharing it here right about now :)
My wishlist consists of 2 categories.

Tangible (means nahahawakan, so materials ito) and 
Ms.Uni-Verse (one liner answers, yung hoping for world's betterment, siempre di na kasali ang over used verse na "world peace"

And here's my Christmas Wishlist in 3's para Genie type ang peg.

Smart Oven. Yes, wala pa ako nyan. To reheat the ulam in the house. I know pwede naman dahil nakasurvived naman kami sa kawa-kawali to reheat our food but the quality isn't the same as it was. Bukod sa nageevaporate ng bongga ang liquid-content, nasusunog pa :( kaya bet-na-bet ko toh! (^.^,)

Ipad Mini, Opo, wala pa din ako nyan :P Nagiipon ako ng bongga for this. kaso pag malapit ko nang ma-achieve ang value nito something is happening and nagagamit sya ng di oras :( nanghihinayang tuloy ako. I want it para I can still blog even on my free time while covering for events that I was invited to. I believe in the saying that time is gold kaya we should value time and others time precious. Don't put it to waste dahil di na ito maibabalik.

And lastly, An Effort for Mother Earth, I wish for people would do something for mother earth. As simple as recycling of trash, conserving water and energy, planting of trees, and proper waste disposal. It's the only world we were living in. So let's take good care of it. 

Since were talking about  Christmas gift ideas, how about I'll share what I have in mind to give out to my family :) 


Okey then,... and knowing me I still consider these categories: something that they like and something that they need.

Mi Familia :P

My kids @ #MerrySmChristmas2014 

For Charles: Being the eldest and maaasahan sa pagbabanatay sa mga kapatid. this is what I have in mind, Transformer toys and Activity Books + Art Materials.

For Ricci: The daddy's girl na maaasahan naman sa gawaing bahay, I would go for Kitchen Play Set and Activity Books + Art Materials.

For Chloe: The sweetest baby bunso would be Play Doh Cake Set and Activity Books + Art Materials

As I've said something that they like and need. About the needs I just know, sa dalas ba naman namin sa toy stores alam na alam ko na yan. About the need... errrr, medyo bias kasi they also like arts eh. so it's a win-win right? and the activity books? it's me! :) whut? they need it right? hahahha

For DaddyO!: For being the Man of The House, the least I can give is my LOVE and Affection :P TIPID and minus the gastos pa :P But seriously I'd pick External hard drive and Clothes. I know matagal mo nang gusto yan DaddyO!

Lubos-lubusin na natin nag gift giving / gift ideas post na ito. We are all blessed by God's grace. Sabi nga "Share your blessings" plus I think it's just right to give back to others this Christmas, lalo na yung mga taong always there for us in times of need , those who never left your side when your troubled and for those who really care about you right? And also the less-fortunate families in the Philippines.

Now how can I give-back to this people? 
Even a simple Christmas card will do, just stay true to your words and express your gratitude. And if budget permits buy something that they like. No idea what would they like? Try giving gift cheque's or gift cards. Another idea is the SM Care Bears of Joy, where you can buy these cutesy bear to give out to you love one and the other bear will be given to children from various orphanages via SM Care Program. Oh di bah? nagregalo ka sa sa mahal mo sa buhay, nakapag regalo ka pa sa batang naulila at nasa ampunan. 

Check out the SM Cares Bears of Joy and know how you can take part in the season of “gift-ing” 

SM Supermalls continous to amaze us with their SuperChristmas-y Displays and SuperSale

Visit your nearest SM Supermalls and  have a Merry SM Christmas.
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