Tutuban Center’s Foodstreet:  Affordable eats for the whole family & barkada

Point to the east... Point to the west... San man ibaling ang tingin may street food tuto-turo na matatagpuan. I love street food like kwek-kwek, kikiam, bbq, tenga ng baboy, samalamig, siomai, turon and more, lots more hay nagutom ako... Let me make kwento about the newest street food strip in town. It is called Tutuban Center's Foodstreet.
Tutuban Center's FOODSTREET
The Pinoy Street Fiesta
Yey Tutuban!!! Hurray for the shoppingera folks in a budget like me. Dahil after the nakakapagod na shopping spree is gutom ofcourse. And ito ang sagot jan. Food trip sa street food strip in Tutuban Center: FOODSTREET

Opens late, kaya ideal for Tutuban center shoppers then closes late at night din :P FOOD STREET has numerous stalls selling different kinds of food and dahil madami-dami naman ang pag pipilian, for sure there's this something that your family members would like. From BBQs and fried dishes cooked fresh and tasty.

Pork BBQ Before and After :)

Pork Sisig Before and After :)

Tomatoes, Onion, Mango Garnishings Yummo!

Pork Isaw Before and After :)

Food Stalls at FOODSTREET Tutuban Center

The stalls at Foodstreet offer value-for-money food in a casual setting. You can chomp on your chosen pulutan with the whole barkada on almost any gimik night. If dinner is on the menu, the choices are endless, too. Some stalls serve rice meals, such as tapsilog, while others dish out mami, siopao and siomai, shawarma and all kinds of sandwiches. If you want barbecue, you can choose from grilled chicken, liempo, dried squid, and even bangus.
More FoodTrip at FOODSTREET

Aside from making sure that your shopping experience at Tutuban Center Night Market is affordable and worth it. It is also  you making sure that you won't feel grumpy and hungry from a day of shopping having the FOODSTREET on the side. 

Bonus Post: 5 Things I like About Tutuban Center's FOODTREET
1. Madaming Food Choices: From Snacks to Hearty Meal Meron ditey!
2. Feeling Secured: Present si Manong Guard. But still, dapat mindful of your belongings ah.
3. Affordable yet Masarap: Knowing DIVI for sure tipid eats ito. Tikman nyo din to believe.
4. Acoustic Nights: To set the mood or ease the pagod after your walkathon sa tutuban cente after shopping.
5. Last but not the least... StreetFood Strip level up way! Mas malinis and mas organized. at may chance umupo (^.^,) chairs and tables availabe. Well depende sa dami ng tao ah :) wait for your turn din paminsan-minsan.
Visit Tutuban Center's FOODSTREET Soon. 
               And mag Foodtrip na after Shopping!                    

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