Barbie's Day Out 2015
I was once a stage mom when my daughter was sort of "discovered" years ago and it' didn't bloom for some reason. (no negativity allowed for now | story on my wordpress blog) To make her dream come true, I was on a search for workshops/xdeals para lang magapag modeliing sya. Thanked God at may pop up modeling workshop from Barbie that time. see it here. No Joining fee or workshop fee pa. All you have to do is purchase P1,000 worth of barbie apparel that she'll also wear for the fashion show (If that's considered a joining fee then Ok sabihin na nating meron. :) From then on she became more confident and fashionista and looking forward in joining again.

But sadly I got super busy as a blogger and didn't have time to search for workshops. I was invited by a friend to cover on her behalf and I was surprised to see a familiar set up. SHOCKS!!! Barbie Fashion Show event itey!!! sabay tingin sa wrist watch ko subconsciously calculation if ipapasundo ko ba ang mga girls ko :P pero yun nga di na sila aabot :( So with a heavy heart abang ulit ako next year for this. and promised I won't let it pass (^.^,)

Barbie's Day Out Fashion Show
Pretty girls lining up and waiting for the fashion show to start.

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Certificates were given to every participants.
Congrats Girls!!!