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Amazing Touch Natural Herbal Cream Preparation

A couple of years ago when we started noticing excess skin thingy's on DaddyO's neck area. At first, deadma lang baka wala lang... but sooner or later it is still there and nadagdagan pa. it started from a rash that eventually developed into what they call skin tags. 

Skin tags is basically a small soft skin growth. We already consulted our doctors about it and they say tumaba daw ba sya or pumayat bigla which is di naman kaya we still wonder why. And they say it's not impossible to happen and sometime in your life you will develop daw talaga skin tags and  it can be removed naman daw.

It was just earlier this year we found out about RCC Amazing Touch. They have free initial check up/ assessment and during that time we were not so ready and a bit scared :P baka masakit, madugo or whatever.

Luckily RCC Amazing Touch through Ms. Heizel and a friend named K, invited me to try their services. And since I'm already aware what RCC Amazing Touch is, we were so excited. And this time we're ready :D I volunteered my husband to try the skin tag removal procedure :) He's a bit hesitant at first, but later on gave in. Takot nya lang sakin hahaha.

A brief history first...

The herbal cautery is a patented novel product of RCC Amazing Touch’s inventor Rolando C. Dela Cruz. The inventor was first a barber before he became a world-renowned inventor of several herbal cautery creams. As a barber, Dela Cruz was dedicated to his work. For him, giving his 100% will ensure that his customers are satisfied and that customer satisfaction, in turn, will give him more income, which he needed to send himself through college. And relating his experience as a young boy in Tarlac when the oil of the cashew nut burned warts on his hands, barber Dela Cruz saw an opportunity to offer extra service to his parokyano or suki so that he could have many customers and more income. 

But little did he know that the herbal cautery that he used to offer free service of removing warts and moles on the nape, neck, and face of his customers in the barbershop will actually become multi-awarded inventions here and abroad. Little did he know that the herbal cautery using the oil of the cashew nut as its active ingredient would become his bread and butter that would ensure the future of his children, grandchildren and future generation.  And little did he know that his dedication as a barber turned him into a world-class inventor. 

The Awards and Products
Rolando C. Dela Cruz represented the Philippines in several coveted invention expositions and competitions in Germany, Russia, Great Britain, USA and neighboring countries in Asia. The inventor consistently bagged the coveted awards landing him in the top 3 spot, but most often the Gold Medal or the grand award. He even bested participants from more than 30 countries in the British Invention Show wherein he received the most coveted Obelisk Award.
RCC Amazing Touch Natural  Herbal Cream Inventor
Rolando C. Dela Cruz

Inventor Dela Cruz’ herbal cautery creams that remove moles (Demole) and warts (Dewarts) also gave birth to other herbal cautery creams for the removal of milia, skin tags, and xanthelasma.   His success in herbal cautery also gave birth to the invention of DeBCC or the cream for the treatment and control of basal cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer. DeBCC Cream, currently undergoing clinical trial for skin patients in the Philippine General Hospital (PGH), was even recognized by the stringent American College of Surgeons (ACS)

RCC Amazing Touch Offers Effective Treatment Removal for Moles and Warts 

Did you know that even how good you take care of yourself, you are still susceptible to develop warts? Warts are caused by a certain strain of human papillomavirus (HPV) and anyone can get warts. Even children and teens can get warts. Although warts in children disappear after some time, some can thrive up to their adult years. And if the wart is located on the face or other visible areas, it can cause embarrassment and inadvertently lowers a person’s self-esteem.

“If you have a weakened immune system, you are more susceptible to develop warts,” adds Richard B. Dela Cruz, President of RCC Amazing Touch International, Inc. (RCCAT). According to him, warts are contagious that it can spread from one person to the other through touch or skin contact. He explains that warts can even spread by the mere use of towels that are exposed to warts.

He further explains that touching a door handle infected with HPV can also spread warts. A cut or a scrape can even become an entry point for HPV that causes warts. “Every person develops warts many times in their lifetime. So even though you have removed warts now, it doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t in the next few months or years.”

Although warts commonly found in the body are harmless, warts found in the genitalia are a different story. Accordingly, genital warts should be treated as soon as possible since it can spread and grow in large numbers. It is also a common viral sexually transmitted infection (STI) so it is contagious and it can infect another person.

Another reason why people with genital warts should worry is that HPV can cause cancers, specifically cervical and anal cancers. “The presence of warts on the genitalia means that a person was exposed to HPV, and medical researches tell us that HPV poses risks that can develop cancers,” Dela Cruz warns.

The same thing with moles; some people are born with it while other moles appear during childhood and adolescence. Although moles are generally harmless, some moles are cancerous. “If the mole is not symmetrical in shape, if it changes in color, size and shape, if it itches, painful and it bleeds, then the mole can be malignant or cancerous,” he says.

“Even if the mole is not cancerous, some moles are located in parts of the body can draw attention and can affect the person’s self-esteem.” He shares that some clients who visited RCC Amazing Touch clinics have moles on their eyelids or near the eyes, tips of their nose, and lips; the location of the moles can affect the confidence since it can draw attention.

 “Even though how much you don’t want to stare at their moles, it is quite a challenge since they are located on the face. You don’t want to be rude, pero ang hirap iwasan ng tingin,” he smiles.

Amazing Touch Natural Herbal Cream Preparation

Here's what happen...


Step1: Cleansing, 

Cleaning the affected area with cotton soaked in cleansing solution.

Step2:  Scratching, 
Gently scratching of  the skin tag with sterile stick.

RCC Amazing Touch Natural Herbal Cream

Step3: Application of the Herbal Cream, 
Applying of the herbal cream on the affected area and leaving it for 10-15minutes.

The Now You See it and Then you Wont Moment is here...
Skin Tag with RCC Amazing Touch Cream on it.

Step4: Wiping Off the Cream, 

wipe out the cream with distilled water.

And it's totally gone, no more dangly-doodle stuff attached  (^.^,) Yehey!!! 

Our Say:
During the 10-15minutes leaving of cream on affected areas, My hubby felt a little tingling. He thought that it was being cut-off or something, but it's actually just left to set, untouched as in :P I guess that's the power of it :P #AmazingTouch

PROS: T'was quick and no bloody mess (^.^,) and a one time procedure. No need to back for following sesh unless there's a regrowth or new developing skin growth. No down time... errrr meron pala if you count the lying in bed while the procedure is being done  for 10-15minutes per affected area.

CONS: Hurts like hell. JOKE!!! tolerable naman. parang kagat ng langgam na #WeaverAnts :P and looks like weird na sugat after mag crust ng part na tinanggal :) But overall it was great and worth it!

And because we're so happy about the result here's a special treat from Me and RCC Amazing Touch

Just follow these 4 easy steps:

1. Use this discount code ______________________.

2. Email us at your full name, email address, mobile number, and the code. Indicate in your email the location of the branch where you want to get your treatment. Also indicate the skin condition e.g. moles, warts, etc.

3. You will receive an email confirmation.

4.  Print the email confirmation and present it to the clinic to avail of the discount.

A client can use the discount code multiple times, but on different treatment dates; one discount code per treatment. The discount code couldn’t be combined with other RCC promos and discounts. The discount code can be used from September 1 until Sept. 30, 2015.  

Other RCC Amazing Touch Products available for sale

RCC Amazing Touch
Established on March 13, 1997 and duly recognized by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), RCC Amazing Touch International, Inc. has now 24 branches located in major cities in the Philippines. The company, mainly established through sheer dedication of inventor RCC and his family, started off in a tiangge stall in Greenhills, San Juan. The inventor together with his eldest son Richard B. Dela Cruz, President of RCC Amazing Touch, would conduct the demonstration on how to use to cream for the removal of warts and moles; while his other children would give out flyers to passersby. Some passersby were curious enough to try their products, but some would even accuse them quack doctors or fly by night. But the efficacy of their products can’t simply be ignored that customers soon noticed and started availing of the treatments. | 
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Avail of FREE consultations, discounts and promos in any one of the RCC Amazing Touch with 24 branches located mostly in SM malls.

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