Beatles Fanatic ka pa? 
or a foodie that's up for a new thematic ambiance? 
Better check this out... a vintage looking Beatles inspired restaurant called...
The Eatles. Located at P.Noval st. near UST

With that eye catching vintage telephone booth inspired entrance door and The Eatles signage, 
I bet you won't missed noticing at P.Noval st.

The Eatles Outdoor Seating
The Eatles, Serving American/British Dishes
The Eatles Bus ay Kitchen Pala!
The Eatles Bus is so instagramable :) 
lalo na my next photo (^.^,)

Chef Mathieu
And I got hit by The Eatles Bus
The Eatles, Instagramable/Papable Chef Mathieu

The Eatles inside :)

Beatles Inspired Resto -The Eatles
Grapes Fruit Shake P75
Ripe Mango Fruit Shake P95
Chocolate Milkshake P150

Vanilla Milkshake P150
Cookies and Cream P135
Oreo Cookies in The Eatles Cookies and Cream Frappe :)
Lucille's Pumkin Soup P85.00
I Am The Walrus Salade De Chef Mathieu P150
I Am The Walrus Salade De Chef Mathieu
Romane lettuce, crispy fried bacon, gyure cheese, boiled egg, croutons with Chef's salad dressing
Garden Salade Nicoise 
-Romane lettuce, fench beans, tuna flakes, tomato, black olives, hard boiled eggs and anchovies 
with vinaigrette dressing
Garden Salade Nicoise P150
Bungalow Bill's Buffalo Wings P180
-Sweet and spicy buffalo wild wings coated with special sauce
The Eatles Black CheeseBurger P175
The Eatles Black CheeseBurger 
-Homemade beef patty,crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese, glazed with "Eatles Burger sauce"
in sesame seed black bun served with fries
Helter Skelter Italian Chicken Skewers P165
-Chicken skewers grilled perfectly with green, red bell peppers, onion and mushroom served with pilaf rice.

Carbonara ala White Album P195
-Fettucine pasta sauteed in onion, bacon and creamy carbonara sauce.
Nowhere Man's Hungarian Aglio Olio P155
-Spaghetti paste sauteed in olive oil, fresh garlic and chilli flakes topped with hungarian sausages.
Spaghetti Al Pesto P165
-Spaghetti pasta tossed in homemade pesto sauce, diced tomato and mozarella cheese.
Cakes at The Eatles
Carrot Cake P135
Blueberry Cheesecake P145
Strawberry Cheesecake P145
Mango Cheesecake P145
Cookies and Creamcheese Cake 
What I like about The Eatles? 
Nice Restaurant concept, Pro Music, Great tasting food, + Cutesy Chef Mathieu :P

What I didn't  like about The Eatles? 
No Restroom :( 
But if there's a need just hop by at DAKASI near Eatles -same owner :)

My Ratings:
Location: 4/5 Manila!!! Near School (UST)
Ambiance: 4/5 with outdoor seating (^.^,) continous Beatles songs and so songs from sametimes
Food: 4/5 Food tastes Good. 
Price: 3.5/5 P
Value for Money:  3.5/5 A bit pricey (for me because nung college ako 100 lang baon ko)
but definitly worth it. but that was then :P
Experience: 4/5 

Will I Be Coming Back? YES!!! 
Will I Recommend this to my Family and Friends? YES!!!

Visit The Eatles at P.Noval St. Near Ust
and travel back in time with it's Beatles thematic setting (^.^,)
Open daily 8am-11pm

The Eatles
facebook page | instagram

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