Asian Secrets Lulur Indonesian Whitening Body Scrub
Years ago,  "Lulur" was a super hit  that even my mom was addicted to it. I was like "What's Lulur Ma?" and she said "Ano ka ba? uso yan ngayon at yan ang magpapaputi sa kilikili ko at sa singit singit :P And she's not the only one... even my friends raved about it too, and got frustrated pag nagkakaubusan sa grocery. 

Eto na nga... What's LULUR? baka naman kasi jejewords yan? Or products na lulubog lilitaw... But wag ka it's Manufactured in Indonesia and Imported by United Laboratories Inc. Oi! Unilab Yan!!! So no worries :) Now back to "What's Lulur?

The "Lulur" is an indonesian term meaning "to coat the skin" A ritual for brides to be, that originated from the royal palaces of  Java Indonesia from 17th century that still being practiced today among Indonesian women. Starts with a massage using natural oils followed by full body exfoliation using the lulur, a mix of the following  blend of rice, turmeric, sandalwood, jasmine flowers and a hint of jasmine oil. After exfoliation is the flower bath, imagine yourself as a bride on a tub where petals of flowers floats as you bathe and sip a traditional drink called Jamu and lastly after almost 2hrs of pampering is the application of Jasmine and Frangipani moisturizer. 

Whew! History! Now I know what Lulur Is :)

Now here's a Lulur in a tub called Asian Secrets

Asian Secrets Lulur in a Tub

Lulur Whitening Body Scrubs
Body scrubs are known to exfoliate and reveal smooth and health skin. However you should be careful that the body scrubs you'll be using will do no harm to your skin. Unlike jagged edges of many body scrubs, the Asian Secrets scrub has spherical beads that gently roll over the skin when applied. This gentle exfoliation gives you a smooth, even-toned fair skin without abrasions.

The Asian Secrets Lulur Scrub has 3 variants to choose from:

Asian Secrets Lulur Indonesian Whitening Body Scrub with Green Tea and Vitamin E

Asian Secrets with Green Tea and Vitamin E
Green Tea has been used in many Asian countries for centuries because it is known to give beautiful complexion. The antioxidant in it flush away the toxins from pollutants that cause skin disease and aging. The green te lulur body scrub is recommended  to anyone who would like to have a skin detox.

Asian Secrets Indonesian Whitening Body Scrub with Seaweed Extract and Vitamin E
Asian Secrets with Seaweed Extract and Vitamin E
Seaweed has been used extensively in Asian countries for over 600 years due to its  nourishing, moisturizing and detoxifying properties. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, the SeaweedLulur Scrub is an anti-aging scrub that helps maintain a healthy youthful skin. It also contains fatty acids to combat skin irritation and inflammation.

Asian Secrets Indonesian Whitening Body Scrub with Licorice and Mulberry Leaf Extract

Asian Secrets with Licorice and Mulberry Leaf Extract
Licorice has several skin care components that occur naturally in the plant. It has a component called Galbridin, which cause skin lightening and brightening. The Licorice with Mulberry Lulur Scrub has a double whitening effect to the skin. This scrub is also recommended to those who want to control acne on their body as it is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

Asian Secrets Facial Scrub with Lulur Beads and Natural Whitening Bengkoang Extract
Asian Secrets Facila Secrets

Asian Secrets has recently launched its Lulur facial scrub, completing the Lulur whitening regimen from head to toe.The Lulur facial  has spherical beads that gently and effectively remove dead skin cells, revealing healthy smooth and brighter skin.

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Asian Secrets Indonesian Whitening Body Scrub

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