Consume within 24hours after purchase #Hattendolicious
Give in to Hattendo's light and delicate taste of creamy goodness 
That oh so soft and fluffy, melts in your mouth goodie- it's definitely #HATTENDOLICIOUS!

Box of 6s
Hattendo Since 1933
 Wrapped Individually
Hattendo Japanese Chilled Buns

Hattendo Box of 6s
Hattendo when sliced into four
When unwrapped, looks like a typical monay/buns we bought from neighborhood panaderya. But mind you this one is baked in JAPAN!

At first, What I have in mind is that Hattendo buns were like mochi but in a bun :) The difference nga lang is that it's in a bun and the filling not ice cream, but still with "cream" so they might be related that's why it still good tasting

Buns were a bit airy and soft if you'll try to flatten it, the buns were kinda thin, the filling is a bit too much, that the buns were kinda kulang na :P Like!!! Hindi bitin sa filling!!!

My Personal Favorite Flavor?
Custard (^.^,)

Hattendo Filling


Upon purchased you will notice 3 sets of dates

1) The Best Consume Before Date
In this format: mm/dd/yyyy by 2:00pm
To ensure the BEST quality of #Hattendolicious buns, 
Please consume by 2:00pm the day after purchasing our products. 

Once thawed, please do not refreeze the buns, just keep refrigerated and serve chilled. 

2) The Production Date 
The production date is the manufacturing date. 

Trivia: Hattendo factory produces 40,000 cream buns daily to cater to 16 stores in Japan alone. 

There are 3 stores in Korea. And 2 stores in the Philippines

3) The Expiry Date
The expiry date refers to the frozen state of the bun. 
As long as the cream buns are kept frozen, the expiry date remains to be true.
 Again, once thawed, we put the consume before date for your reference. 

Here's a Special Treat #Hattendo Lovers
P100.00 ONLY or P95/pc for a box of 6's 

Hattendo Philippines
Kiosk: SM Mall of Asia | SM MegaMall Mega Fashion Hall
Weekends: Power Plant Mall