ERSAO Banawe (Mauban Branch)
I think there are 2 Ersao Branches in Banawe this one is the medyo dulo side of it. A few meters away from Starbucks.

What's Inside?
Counter Area
Menu Board

Stairs going to 2nd Level of the Ersao's Branch
Comfort room is  located at 2ndl Lvl
It was really nice seeing this big glass windows... Oh So Welcoming Day Light (^.^,)
But during that time the it was covered pa :)
 Lakas maka-lounge :P 


First... Beverages (^.^,)
Shake Floats P105.00-135.00 and Freshly Brewed Milk Tea P95.00-115.00
Buko Pandan Float, Avocado Float and Ripe Mango Float
I ordered Buko Pandan Shake Float.
Tasted like natural buko!!! Feels so refreshing and deliciously tastes good. 
And it's not green like the usual buko pandan thingy... no artificial colorants :P
 Radish Cake P70.00
At first I thought that it is just a sliced radish and fried, But Its not :P
After I gave it a try I couldn't stop na. 
Looks golden crispy,  but still soft and fluffy inside :)
Spicy Chicken P75.00
One of Ersao's Best Seller!
Spicy Squid P75.00
Wanton 6pcs P65.00
Dumplings 5pcs P65.00
 Chicken Steak P110.00
Pork Chao Fan P130.00
 Curry Cream Dory Rice P170.00
 Hong Ma Rice P170.00
Chicken Teriyaki P180.00
Seafood Noodles Small P140.00 Large P210.00
 Sate Squid Noodles P180
Signature Beef Noodles  P280.00
Maki Mishua Small P140.00 Large P180.00

What's My ERSAO Must Try?
Besides ALL their Beverages... it's going to be the following...
Radish Cake
Hong Ma Rice *What I called Super Adobo, Melts in your mouth!!!
Spicy Chicken

Behind The Scenes (^.^,)

with Zomans and Zomato Foodies

and ME (^.^,)
til' next food trip.

ERSAO Taiwanese Restaurant
For Franchise Inquiry (02) 410-47-22

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