Tanduay SELECT: Blended Rum
Tanduay introduces the all-new premium rum for game changers of today. the no.1 dark rum recently launched this premium drink that embodies the success and achien=vemnet of today's young and success-oriented Filipinos. With a smoother distinct flavor and aroma, Tanduay's Master Blender created the new, Tanduay SELECT, a new-age rum that will surely satisfy the discerning taste of today's drinkers.

Throughout the years, Tanduay rum has been enjoyed by generations of Filipinos. And now the brand is giving today's upwardly mobile individuals a taste of the finest rum with flavor suited to their unique preference. The drink that every passionate individual truly deserves - Tanduay President and Chief Executive Officer Bong Tan
Each bottle of Tanduay SELECT is a blend of ages of rum matured in oak barrels, a Tanduay traditions that gives its well-rounded and smooth distinct taste

Derek Ramsay for Tanduay SELECT