Did you guys notice that I've been getting a bit sporty lately? Joining fun runs and other sporty activities :P Ganun ata pag tumatanda charot! or di na kinaya ang ilang hakbangin sa stairs at mag hingal factor nang involved :P But seriously... I was shaken by "something" that happen last year about my health that is why I'm trying my very best to be back on the right track :)

Running (or your choice of working out) alone is not enough... We should have a healthy diet and lifestyle... Eat right and get the right amount of sleep and hopefully at the right time too, yung tipong 9pm tulog ka na para makapagrecharge ang mga braincells :D But for sure mahirap or di pwede sa dami ng dapat gawin for the day. Kaya to the rescue ang coffee to keep us up and functioning... BUT that's not enough...

We need a reliable multivitamin to back us up!
Good thing I found Enervon Activ on the right time (^.^,) why right time? kwento later...

Powerful Energy Boosters, Immunity Strengtheners and Improve Muscle Control *SIUM 5x

I will definitely make running a habit plus joining fun runs too para ma-motivate naman ako to be fit and mapalakas ang nanghihina kong puso LOL (^.^,) And sabi ko nga I need something to back me up and it's ENERVON ACTIV 

Enervon Activ is a multivitamin scientifically designed to support athletes’ health requirements with the following ingredients.. 

Energy Boosters:
7.5 mg  Thiamine Mononitrate (Vitamin B1)
8.5 mg  Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)
10 mg   Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6)
20 mg   Nicotinamide
50 mg   Ginseng
6.0 mg  Royal Jelly

Body Immunity
3,000 IU Retinol Palmitate (Vitamin A)
100 mg    Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
5 IU        Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
500 mcg  Zinc (as Sulfate)
200 IU    Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3)

To Improve Muscle Control MINERAL SIUM 5X™
100 mg Calcium (as Calcium Carbonate)
10 mg   Iron, elemental (as Dried Ferrous Sulfate, 30 mg)
3 mg     Magnesium (as Sulfate)
50 mg   Phosphorus (as Dibasic Calcium Phosphate)
2.5 mg  Potassium (as Sulfate)
Other Minerals to maintain proper body functions...
650 mcg Manganese (as Sulfate)
45 mcg  Molybdenum (as Sodium Molybdate)

more details about Enervon Activ here

After two weeks of regularly taking Enervon Activ I've noticed that I became more focused on my work, and less tamad or antukin too. I feel energized talaga! It's because of the Powerful Energy Boosters in it consisting of B-Complex, Ginseng and Royal Jelly. And despite the sickly me I also noticed that I became less sipunin or sakitin. Dati maambunan lang slight ta-trangkasohin na ako agad. But this time hindi na ganun... I'm totally geared up with the Immunity Strengtheners VitA,C,E and Zinc PLUS Improved muscle control bacause of the Mineral SIUM5x less pulikat ako sa mga practice run or walkathons (mahilig kasi ako maglakad dahil traffic) and thats the start of me being  more productive and energized because of it.  
*will do a separate post about my enervon activ review

That's when I decided to buy more Enervon Activ... plus another reason is...

Did you know that there's this Enervon Activ Bike and Sports Gear Raffle Promo?
YAY for BIKE and Sports GEAR!!!

ENERVON ACTIV We Got Your Bike : Bike and Sports Gear Raffle Promo


Why? Just take a look at what is at stake. (^.^,)

A total of 63 consolation prizes and 7 Major Prizes to be given away

Now, Do I have your attention?

How To Join? It's Easy as... 1,2,3 and 4 :)

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Mercury Drug 
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FamilyMart and all participating drugstores and supermarkets.

In my case, I bought at Mercury Drug Market!Market! 
2 box of 5's of Enervon Activ para equals 10 capsules right? :)
Each box cost P60.00  
P120.00 for the total amount of the 2boxes of Enervon Activ.

Take a clear photo or a scanned copy of the Official Receipt (OR)
Please make sure that the OR# are clearly shown

Email the following details:  

Complete Name
Contact Number
Civil Status

Together with the scanned/photo copy of the Official Recipt (OR) from purchase
to enervonactiv@activehealth.com.ph 

Screen shot of my email to enervonactiv@activehealth.com.ph

Wait for the email confirmation of receipt of entry withing 48 hours

You will receive an automated response saying that they already received your email.
This is not yet  the Raffle Entry Confirmation

After 48hrs you'll get an update...
in my case... 
Incomplete Information :P

P.s make sure every detail needed is filled out. 
Ako kasi naexcite, incomplete tuloy ang details ko hihi.

After setting everything straight... FINALLY

This will serve as your "Proof of Raffle Entry"

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