I've Been to Dermcare Paco Manila Branch, located at JCS Bldg. Paz Street Paco, Manila

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Achieve a radiant skin that is smooth, glowing, and soft with DERMCARE's revolutionary Diamond Power Peel. It is a process where skin is gently exfoliated with deep delivery of skin-specific solutions such as vitaminC, and superb moisturizer for an evenly toned and blemished-free skin
Experience the difference immidiately after the treatment, and with regular visit to DERMCARE, you will be delighted to discover a more delighted to discover a more beautiful you -DERMCARE

What is a Diamond Power Peel?
This is the most sought-after facial treatment in a painless not so painless process where tiny grains of diamonds were used to gently peel off the dead cells from the skin's top layer / epidermis, leaving more vital cells underneath.

VitC cream being infused into the skin using the ultrasonic icyhammer set at 14 centigrade with 1million vibrations per second to massage the face and dramatically reduce pore size by accelerating the circulation of the capillary vessel, to speed up metabolism in order to restore the skin's luster and promote new skin cells and collagen growth.

Diamond Peel can be very effective treatment of...
aging / sun damaged skin
acne scars and pimple marks
pigmentation marks
stretch marks
scars and age spots
fine lines and wrinkles
darkend elbows, knees, underarms, abdomen, buttocks and back

Results to expect?
After each session, the skin develops a rosy pinkish glow. There is some visible redness to a mild degree, which resolves quickly. After the first session, the skin appears radiant and pigmentation is reduced.

How many treatments to avail?
For best result, 4-6 treatments. Usually a minimum of two weeks apart. Some people have monthly treatments as an ongoing part of their skin care regimen.

DERMCARE's Diamond Power Peel Priced
@900.00/session for the face 
@950.00/session for back and buttocks
@800.00/session for abdomen/ stretch marks
@700.00/session for elbow and knees

My DERMCARE Diamond Power Peel Experience :)
 First step... I washed my face :)
Then lie down...
And be warned este be ready for my selfie galore so that I can show you  the steps by step procedure of ...
DERMCARE's Diamond Power Peel as much as I can :P
Cleansed my face with facial wash and pat it dry. Then application of skin moisturizer. 
Covered my eyes :P Got to close my eyes for the Steaming process, then vacuum of some sort :)
again... skin moisturizer, facial massage, and prickling
Diamond Peeling 
Hot hammer then for the nth time, the special skin moisturizer, lazer, ultrasonic icyhammer

I won't post the photo of the 1ton blackheads/whiteheads Ms. Bel, Dermcare attendant collected.
Allow me to say this... I thought I will be going out of the DERMCARE clinic with a super swollen face due to prickling.  (P.S prickling is a bit painful for me, but as per Ms. Bel, medyo matagal na kasi akong di nakapag avail ng facial kaya medyo ganun.)But after a couple of facial tricks Ms. Bel did, No more puffyness/soreness/swollen faced to see. Just me with a clearer and radiant face  :D

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