The Philippines has been named as one the world’s emerging diabetes hotspot having treated 3.2 million cases in 2014 alone. -The International Diabetes Foundation 

Diabetes is a lifelong chronic condition that affects the body’s ability to use the energy found in food. For non-diabetics, the sugar and carbohydrates in the food are transformed into glucose, which the cells absorb in the bloodstream with the help of a hormone called insulin. Diabetics do not produce or do not have enough insulin in the body and therefore, cannot absorb the glucose, which creates a build-up in the blood and often leads to more serious illnesses.  

As this is a very serious disease, there is a mindset that people living with diabetes lead very restricted lives. This is a misconception that Newest Brand Endorser of Diabetamil is very familiar with, but this has not discouraged him from becoming the success that he is.

NOW, who is Diabetamil's Brand Endorser?
CLUE: Still Pogi and doesn't look his age (@51) / Dati Rati and Shout for Joy Mr.Pure Energy  :)

 Mr. Gary Valenciano for Diabetamil

GaryV was only 14yo. when he was diagnosed with type1 diabetis.  And was told by his doctors that he wouldn't live past of forty. After 37years and more than  90,000 insulin injection, GaryV being mindful about his disease was not spare from a hyperglycemic attack that almost took his life wayback 2005. 10years after, Mr Pure Energy has never been more active in both his personal and professional life. Livin it up to being Mr Pure Energy right? And he is now complication-free and has been a living miracle by many doctors.

How was he able to do it? here the thought that keeps him going and going... 
“I’m living a life with diabetes but I won’t let it stop me”
That is what he has said in a 2009 interview with Ces Drilon.  He believes that with proper management of the disease, it allows him to live a rich, dynamic life. This multi-awarded performer shares that religiously doing exercise, careful observation of his blood sugar, taking the right medication and having a proper diet helps him in his miraculous journey in dealing with diabetes.

A diet that includes DiabetaMil is one that he lives by. This reduced calorie, sugar-free Cereal and Non-Cereal drink contain vitamins, minerals and protein specially formulated for people with diabetes. It is enriched with Chromium Picolinate and Dietary Fiber, is high in Calcium and has a Low Glycemic (GI) Value.
Nutrition Facts

The mineral Chromium Picolinate found in the drink can aid in both glucose and insulin metabolism by breaking down the fats, protein and cholesterol.  Dr. Lanny Lestiani, a Medical Nutritionist at the University of Indonesia, testifies that ‘chromium showed its potential in improving insulin sensitivity; DiabetaMil enriched with chromium (250 mcg per serving) may be beneficial for diabetics to improve their glycemic control’. In addition, this nutritional drink also fulfills the Codex requirement as source of calcium, which can be beneficial in optimizing glucose metabolism.  

The high fiber oat content in DiabetaMil Chocolate & Vanilla drinks, help lower bad cholesterol. It also contains a glycemic index (GI) value level of 30.5 which helps reduce overall blood glucose level.

Several nutritionists have confirmed the benefits of including DiabetaMil to a diabetic’s daily balanced diet. “The usage of non-sugar sweetening agents (sucralose and acesulfame K) to DiabetaMil may help diabetics reduce their blood glucose level”, attests Dr. Widjaja Lukito, an associate professor of the Nutrition Department at the University of Indonesia. Because DiabetaMil is a reduced calorie meal substitute, it ‘can help diabetics control their body weight’, endorses Ayu Dwi Irianti, a Nutrition Coordinator at one of Jakarta’s premier hospitals. 

Aside from the multi-flavored nutritional drinks, DiabetaMil also offers low-calorie and sugar-free cookies suitable for diabetics. Snacks have an important role in the daily diet as they help keep blood glucose levels as close to normal as possible.

Because I'm a fan... here's my fanGirling moment:
Dati-rati... laman ng plato mo ay pangkaing di mo gusto... madalas wala pang lasa toh... 
Dati-rati... iniiwasan mo ang sweets dahil bawal yan... ang sugar mo aakyat nanaman...
Ngunit ngayon... MAY BAGO NA... Drinks at Cookies na masarap ang lasa, 
Promise Magugustuhan mo sya :) 

DiabetaMil has a delicious lineup of cereal (Vanilla and Chocolate flavors) & non-cereal drinks (Moccachinno flavor) and cookies (Nutty Chocolate and Vanilla Dried Fruit flavors) that allows one a healthy and nutritious meal without sacrificing its taste. Just like Gary, DiabetaMil believes that there are DiabetaMillion ways to enjoy life.  So don’t let diabetes stop you from enjoying life!

DiabetaMil is available in all leading supermarkets, groceries, and drugstores.
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