Experience More Together at the Friso FunRaiders Event

May it be reading together, playing outside, or sharing meals, the time a mother and child spends with each other are precious moments.  Friso knows that these experiences play an important part in the child’s development.  Not only do they help the child develop mentally, emotionally, and socially, these experiences and happy memories help build an unbreakable bond that stay with them until they grow.

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This year’s FRISO FUNDRAIDERS event aims to demonstrate how Friso can help mom and child grow better together through bonding moments and time spent with each other.  Friso partnering with Mothercare to give mom and child a day filled with fun and adventure themed activities in learning, arts, music, and sports. Held last June 6, 2015 at the 2F Atrium of Podium, Ortigas Center, the event transform the 2F Atrium into a jungle safari that you and your child get to venture into and play fun games and activities throughout the day.  Adventure guides are present to assist and guide you in every activity during the event.  And to help bring these activities to life, Friso is teaming up with The Learning Library, KidsArt, Mizuno, and JoomJam to make the experience even richer.

The Learning Library will host a safari themed storytelling activity.  Storytelling boosts a child’s thinking capacity and develops stronger imagination skills by introducing new places, relationships, and characters, which ultimately allows the imagination to soar.  Activities such as these, teaches your child that learning can be fun with a mother’s help, and more importantly, offers an opportunity for them to guide their child in exploring the literary world.

KidzArt will host the arts and crafts safari to get your future artist started.  Painting, in general, allows people to express emotions and communicate through drawings.  It is also a therapeutic actively that stimulates the creative mind, encourages concentration, develops self-esteem, and trains one to finish what he started.  Through this activity, mothers can discover their child’s interests, hone their latent talents, and explore a world that encourages uniqueness.

Sporty moms and kids get to enjoy some fun soccer drills courtesy of our partner Mizuno.  It will share the importance of physical fitness, and the experience of discipline during this activity.  Football, or more popularly called soccer here in our country, is an aerobic sport that helps maintain a healthy body as a child grows and develops.  Regular playing will also build muscle strength, and improve energy level over time.  More importantly, participating children will also learn the importance of cooperation, planning, and experiencing being together in a team.  Spending time together in these physical activities allows you to coach them and introduce sports, which is essential for a healthy physical development.

On the musical side, JoomJam will take the lead.  According to studies, music training helps develop the left part of the brain involved in processing language.  At the same time, it teaches one to learn the value of craftsmanship and achieving excellence through such musical performance. Such duet of both the mom and the child will teach the value of collaboration, discipline, and excellence.  But most importantly, such experiences allow a child to conquer fear, and have an open-minded in facing challenges.  The Friso Funraiders event has been put together to allow both the mom and child to experience more together and create lovely memories through a whole day of fun.  Mothers are encouraged to share their learning and experiences with one another to help create bond with other moms who are committed to their children’s development, and make the true spirit of togetherness live among them.
Each child who finishes their quest gets a golden medallion after the event.  A keepsake for a day filled with learning and wonderful memories with mom!

My kids had so much fun at the Friso FunRaiders Event.

Till Next Friso Fun Camp :)

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