Alaska Celebrates World Milk Day with Family Fun Run

In its third year, Alaska Milk Corporation gathered Filipino families once more to celebrate the benefits of having a healthy and active lifestyle through the World Milk Day Family Run.

My Family

My first run, DaddyO's first run, pati sa kids first run nila... inshort...Our First Run Ever!!! 

 Are We Ready For This? YES!!!

The World Mil Day celebration last May 31, is part of Alaska’s continuing commitment to promote proper nutrition and active lifestyle tough its “Nutrition. Action. Champion” program.  Alaska reinforces the importance of drinking milk and participation in sports and outdoor play among Filipinos.  It also encourages children and families nationwide to develop the habit of taking a nutritious breakfast through the “Alaska for Breakfast”  campaign.

In 2014, the Alaska World Milk Day celebration attracted more than 3,400 runners in Metro Manila for the Family Run and more than a thousand participants in Baguio, Cebu, and Davao in Zumba activity.  This year, the celebration attracted an even bigger crowd in these four cities.  For the first time in the history, Alaska held a Family Run and Zumba activity in Manila, Baguio, Cebu, and Davao simultaneously.

Manila’s family run categories were 3K individual, 3K Family, 5K and 10K.  There were 100m and 1K events as well for the children who wanted to join just for the adrenaline rush of the race.  In the provincial events, participants ran in a 3K category and sweat out their calories in an exhilarating Zumba party.  From babies driven in their strollers by their mothers, to grandpas and grandmas who showed that they still have it, the Alaska World Mil Day Family Run and Zumba gathered Filipinos from all walks of life, all in the name of nutrition and health.

With the “Alaska for Breakfast” campaign, breakfast stations and mild bars were set-up in all four areas which served all participants with pandesal, champorado, and milk for free.  This is to encourage them to develop the habit of having a good breakfast with milk which is crucial since breakfast will provide them with nutritious energy to start the day right and get through it.

The celebration culminated in a nationwide Milk toast at exactly 6:00AM, where children and their families in the four venues simultaneously drank milk and made a pledge to a healthy and active lifestyle.  Children’s Hour was once again announced as the beneficiary of this year’s Alaska World Milk Day celebration.

The celebration of the third Alaska World Milk Day puts greater emphasis on the need to combat obesity and malnutrition in the country.  According to the Food and Nutrition Research Institute’s 7th National Nutrition Survey in 2008, at least 16 million Filipinos aged 20 and above, and about 2 out of 10 children are overweight.  The yearly observance of World milk Day through the Alaska Family Run and the Alaska for Breakfast campaign helps reverse this prevailing nutritional problem, which would lead to serious health, economic, and social implications in adulthood.

The Family That Runs Together... Hingal Together (^.^,) 
kaya Selfie pa more to catch our breath :P

Thank's ALASKA PH for this event. A milestone to cherish forever :) Dahil jan my kids now wants to run more often na. Takbo pa more :) Till next FamilyRun!

Become a champion too and join Alaska’s “Nutrition. Action. Champion.” Program.  
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Behind The Scene of Alaska Family Run 2015

 SEE? We had so much FUN!!!

Alaska Loot

Every race finisher gets to take home 1 HUGE can of Alaska Powdered Milk, 2pc Alaska Chocolate Powder, 3pc sachets of Alaska Powdered Milk 3mini assorted milk drink boxes  and 2pc Waffle Deluxe and a Nissin Marie.

See you on the Next ALASKA FAMILY RUN!