SCHMIDT's Gourmet Hotdogs
"Best Hotdogs Of The World"
 Located at the 5th level of The Podium 
The first food establishment you'll see after your escalator ride (^.^,)
*photo from SCHMIDT's facebook page

The place looks like more of a food court vibe. I think they can only accommodate 20-30 persons. Their counters and kitchen area is a bit small too. But I'm not hating cause they were pretty neat in all corners :) 
Schmidt's start at selling their gourmet hotdogs via Food Trucks
Schmidt's Food Trucks still operating.
For schedules, please visit SchmidtsGourmetHotdogs facebook page
Kitchen Area
Yes, that just about it :)

Menu is limited to hotdogs and pasta lang. Because they were like a specialty shop for me. Serving the best hotdog sandwiches they had. Unlike other resto's na madaming ino-offer from appetizer to desserts.

Ibahin ang SCHMIDT'S they only focus on the good stuff kaya whatever they were offering on their menu is freakinly awesome! 

Did you know na pag sinabing "specialty shop/resto" meaning yun ang pinaka bongga or expertise nila, malamang naperfect na nila ang recipe or yun ang pinaka the best nila to offer. Sa ibang countries mas pinupuntahan ang mga ganung establishments dahil masasarap talaga. Ikaw pupunta ka ba sa sakto lang? Siempre dun tayo sa special :D 

The Food
 Nachos P125.00
Nachos in homemade chili, jalapeno, cheese sauce, finely chopped onions and sour cream.
Homemade chili's not super spicy! kaya keri!!! pwede sa mga afraid sa maaanghang :P
 *Best Seller WagaMama P180.00
Gourmet Hotdog with lettuce in Japanese wasabi mayo and nori strands.

This is their best seller. At first, I thought that the special about it is the generous coleslaw on top, but after a few sec I felt a different tingling inside my nose, akala ko I will breath fire any moment. lol And it's the Japanese mayo that hits me! This again is their best seller, but honestly speaking, di ko sya feel :( mas bet ko pa din si Julius or Coney Island or Hawaiian Dog :P

 Hawaiian Dog P180.00
Flavourful BBQ Sauce, Pineapple bits, Glazed Onion and Bacon, Need I say more???

ANSARAP NETO PROMISE!!! bbq sauce for the win! sweet, smokey and lil sour, sakto sa timpla walang umay factor :P

*My Favorite The Julius P190.00
My First SCHMIDT's Love (^.^,)

Take a look, so inviting diba? Gourmet Hotdog sandwich with coleslaw, bacon strip and parmesan cheese. If you'll notice sa lahat ng Schmidt's sandwiches overflowing ang toppings, Generous! You really get what you pay for :P Love it!

 Seattle Dog P180.00
BBQ sauce, Mustard, Siracha, Mayo, Pickle Relish, Sauerkraut

The most photogenic gourmet sandwiches of them all :) But pagdating sa taste, di papahuli! For mustard dressing lover like me, Thiz iz it na! with Bbq sauce pa, hmmm delicious 

Coney Island Chili Dog P180.00
Homemade Chilli, Cheese, Jalapeno, Sour Cream.

DONT WORRY kaya toh ng powers nyo :P If you want it super spicy, request lang ng additional chili :P and see those garnishing? parang tinatawag ako ng onions at cheese! #BiteMe!

It's not just hotdogs guys!
They also served delectable pasta dishes.
Asian Sesame Pasta
Pasta in sesame oil, japanese mayo and nori strips
*not a fan of wasabi :( this dish has japanese mayo and medyo di ko sya feel :(

Aglio Olio
Pasta in olive oil and garlic with a dash of cayenne pepper 
with a generous amount of parmesan cheese and bacon pieces. 

This pasta dish is my favorite :) nakabawi SCHMIDT's because if this. Love its flavor. Garlicky  and  a bit spicy because there's a cayenne pepper in it and bacon. Hurray for bacon!

Now for my Ratings.
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 3.5/5 
Food: 4/5
Price Range: 50-200++
Value For Money: 4/5
Overall experience: 4/5

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