The National Commission for Culture and the Arts of the Republic of the Philippines (NCAA) and The Ministry of Culture of the People Republic of China in Cooperation with The Theatre at Solaire presents a special performance of the Jilin Art Troupe titled  Happy Chinese New Year in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Philippines-China diplomatic Relation.

THE THEATRE at Solaire Resorts and Casino

 Gong Xi Fa Cai

Happy Chinese New Year in Mandarin

 Opening Show: Grand Family of Harmony
Passionate and Glamorous performance symbolizes long-lasting unity and friendship between two nations.

Jilin Drama: Shi Qian Stealing the Letter

 Surplus Year After Year Lead Dancer Wei Shuang
Mermaid Dance, Chasing the currents with happiness and blessing. 
 Ode to Felicity, Sweet Honey by: Wang Qi
 Magic: Radiant Splendor

 Lion Pack Serving the Treasure
 Thousand-Hand Kwanyin
Based on the wall painting of Dunhuang Grottoes with peaceful tranquility and profound meaning of Buddhism

 Blessings, Wishing You Prosperity by: Chen Xin

This act shows hanky-tricks :) and I Love it!

Pipa Language
I was so moved by this performance that I forgot to took photo of it.
I love listening to instrumental music talaga, 
The power of those strums and rhythm can really make my heart melts.

Presenting the Pearl at Rainbow Bridge
And this one too,  I like how she reacts with the flying spears.
Action-Packed ang feel, hand and foot works are the best,

I love the Mermaid Dance so much, the girls dance gracefully and super flexible! Their dance moves are nakaka-mermaid talaga. #InggitMuch on their super puti kilikili too :P Thousand-Hands and Lion Dance super aliw! Over All, I Enjoyed watching Jilin art Troupe Show!

Now I want to practice those moves too, and I might need your "Break-a-Spine-not-just-Leg-Goodluck" on this 

National Commission for Culture and the Arts

Cultural Center of The Philippines

The Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China

Jilin Art Troupe

Solaire Resort and Casino