As promised, here's the continuation post of my  Luxe Aura Nail and Facial Studio experience!

Facial Services offered: European facial, Microphototherapy facial, Rejuvenating facial. Cchoice of illuminating (skin whitening), clarifying (oil-control and pore-minimizer), renewing (anti-ageing), and nourishing (deep cleansing) and they picked Clarifying Facial for me :)

Here's the step by step procedure of the Clarifying Facial at Luxe Aura Nail and Face Studio.

Cleansing and Facial Scrub
The first step where the spa attendant cleansed my face with warm water and a sponge. After that is the facial scrub for exfoliating. 

Moisturizer with Steamer and European Massage
Next is the application of moisturizer on my face, massaging it gently then afterward the spa attendant put a cotton pad on my eyes as she was about to use a professional facial steamer. I was a little uneasy during that time, maybe because I can't see anything, and I'm a lil discomfort about the steam :P or  I can't take selfie's hahaha yun yon! kaya walang picture yung facial steamer process :D

Facial Mask
The application of the facial cream/mask is such a breeze, but the peeling of part is a bit ouchy. But I like how the ate managed it. napansin ata na naluluha na ako hehehe :D

Toning and ME! (^.^,)
Final touches, cleansing and toning and charan!... the clarified version of me :)

My POV about The Clarifying Facial
The spa attendant was very polite, asking me once in awhile if I'm ok or something. The other spa's I've been is medyo masungit or bara-bara mag massage. But here at Luxe Aura, she's nice ang muntik na ako maka sleep :P

My face was more supple and clearer. Although honestly may mga deep seated dirt pang naiwan.
P.S wala pong prickling involved kaya very light lang ang facial treatment na ito.

I think this is suitable for people with minimal facial problems, those having a less than 5pimples here and there. But for me with moderate skin problems I think I still go for a diamond peeling. 

Facial Services offered: European facial, Microphototherapy facial, Rejuvenating facial (P600-P2500)
Choice of illuminating (skin whitening), Clarifying (oil-control and pore-minimizer), Renewing (anti-ageing), and Nourishing (deep cleansing)  

Luxe Aura Nail and Face Studio
Unit A 2/F Silverio Bldg., 145 Dona Soledad Ave., Brgy Don Bosco, Better Living Subd., Paranaque City
Cellphone#: (0933)191-0259 Tel#: 823-3578


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