Getting tired of the usual fried chicken being served on your plate? Bored of the same-old, same-old taste na minsan parang "ang lungkot naman" wala nang excitement, wala ng thrill at di ka na happy?

Pst! Change is Good, lalo na kung for the "Best" 
Pero ito ang best of the best... Change is Delicious @ BonChon Chicken! Oh Huh!!!


BonChon is a Korean word meaning "my hometown" Yes! it's Korean and originated there too, (South Korea 2002) BonChon became more popular as it hits the US Market in 2006. Year 2010 BonChon Chicken Philippines was born and year 2015 over 86 stores open nationwide.

BonChon Annapolis Carpark Arcade

Now rewind, November 2014 is Bonchon's 4th year anniversary and as they aged a year older is also an addition to their famous sauces.

Available BonChon Sauces:
1st Soy Garlic, 2nd Sweet and Spicy, 3rd Honey Citrus and 4th ???

Brace yourself for the 4th sauce.

Owner/Managing Director Scott Tan unveils the newest BonChon sauce

BonChon Chicken is not your ordinary fast-food-chain to go to.
BonChon Chicken is a Fast-Casual-Dining Experience

 "Crunchy Garlic"
sweet-salty-zest-glaze topped with toasted garlic bits
A hint of sweetness that will make your taste buds crave for more.

Yehey! for toasted garlic chips lovers like me!!! 

Crunchy Garlic is available for chicken and fish meals:
·         Chicken Chops Boxed Meal
·         Chicken Wings Boxed Meal
·         2 pc Chicken Boxed Meal
·         1 pc Chicken Boxed Meal
·         Team BonChon Group Meal
·         Small Chicken Group Meal
·         Medium Chicken Group Meal
·         Large Chicken Group Meal
·         Medium Combo A Group Meal
·         Large Combo A Group Meal
·         Medium Combo B Group Meal
·         Large Combo B Group Meal
·         BonChon Big Box
·         Crispy Fish Rice Box
·         Fish & Chips Box

Change is the no.1 enemy of the boring, the usual, the same old lame routine. Let BonChon be the agent of "Delicious Changes" to your life

BonChon. Change is Delicious 

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