TreeTop Adventures wants you to experience the next big thing in Team Building
Visit them at Jest Area, Subic and take on fun and unique challenges right at the heart of nature.

 Am I Ready for This?
Oh Lord! Please give me strength :)

Tree Top Adventure seeks to promote team work to various activities.
Activities were designed to engaged values like patience, coordination, communication etc.
and your vocal chords lol... palakasan ng sigaw :P
which can be exercised in groups comprised of members such as officemates, team mates and barkada.

These activities are presented as package you can choose from
Both packages are inclusive of Facilitators and team building kits
P800/head (8) Activities
P1200/head (12) Activities +Meal
Team See-Saw
Team members must balance themselves on top of a giant see-saw
They must figure out the right spacing that would balance the difference in their weights.

After 15minutes... Success!!!

Team Lanyard
Team members must join hands and cross the rope the shortest time possible.
Balance and coordination are for a safe and quick traverse
*wala kaming pictures dahil lahat kami nag try neto :(
ang hirap hahaha, dapat coordinated, walang bibitaw at bawal pasaway :P

Centipede Pedal
Team members must synchronized their steps, using wood planks at feet, 
and walk through the course the shortest time possible. 
Coordination is important. and a  misstep may cause the team to tumble over.

*and be minded of the MISSTEP... nangyari sakin yan hahahaha

Spike Valley
Team members must cross the valley the shortest time possible.
The team must move across platforms using a single rod, one member at a time
Strategy is important to ensure no one gets left behind

Dance Rev
Team members must complete a certain dance sequence the shortest time possible.
Syncronized steps result to a faster time.
A team leader can be assigned to ensure the dance moves are done properly

*or bawal ang mabagal kumilos at malabo mata :) 
kasi if di pa tapos ang isang member it won't show the next step :P
in our case ako yun hahahaha. di ko alam if less sensitive ang sensor or I'm too light lol

Team Bike
Team members must cycle their way to a computer generated course,
consisting of climbs and drops.
A Team leader can be assigned to help finished the race either against time 
or against another team

Dragon Boat
Team members must synchronized their strokes to produce the most power and finish the course faster. 
A team leader can be assigned to help finished the race either against time or another team.

Team Wall
Team members must climb over a 15ft high wall the shortest time possible
No climbing equipment is provided so strategy is important to get everyone over the wall
*Cheerio's Lets GO! 
pabor sa mga cheering champ :P

Multi-Line Traverse
Team members must cross the bridges using only the ropes provided the shortest time possible. 
Strategy is important ensure everyone gets across

kaya pa sir?

Gem Catcher
Team Member all control the catcher through strings.
Each push and pull has a coreesponding movement.
Coordination is the key to locate the Gem and transfer it to its location the shortest time possible.
A team leader can be assigned to help coordination.

Bar Balancer
Team members must lift the bar upto a certain height the shortest time possible.
The lift must be done at the same time to avoid dropping the marbles.
Once a marble is dropped team must start over.
A team leader can be assigned for coordination

Loop Drop
Team member must only use their index finger to lower the loop down to a certain height 
the shortest time possible.
Their fingers must maintain contact with the loop at all times in order to lower it.
A team leader can be assigned to help coordination


I say this can really strengthen your bond with your Friends, Officemates or Team Mates.
but still open for the possibilities of "Friendship Over"  for the non winning team :P
kidding aside, this is gotta be a whole new experience for everyone :)