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My Tree Top Adventure Experience!

My Tree Top Adventure Begins...

 with a chilled bottle of water :)

pampa-kalma sa nagwawala kong puso :P
wala pa man, kabado na hahahahaha

panong hindi read here 
anong kaya ng powers mo?

Harness Station
oi play safe :)

Safety First and a MUST :P

Construction Girls with Engr. Grace :)

Tree Top Pavillion
Serves as waiting area for the Tree Top Adventurers and Canopy Riders
Also Tables and Chairs for Rent for Group Lunch / Picnic

Tree Top Tower for Tree Drop Adventure

Height DOES Matter
3ft and 6inches requirement for Canopy Ride
and 4ft in height required on the Rest of the Rides/Adventure

Tower or Tree Clamping 
(I hope I remember it right :P)
Every year Tree Top loosen this up as Trees grows.

Superman Ride Station

Ms. Grace and John being the bravest among us to try this ride :)

it's a bird, it's a plane...

  it's Superman Ride

Silver Surfer Station

its like a swing, a see-saw or sort of...
  surfboarding on AIR :)

Canopy Ride with Dianne and Ms. Grace
T'was nice hanging out with this Gals! 
Literally :P
That's me having difficulties in breathing lol :D
yung MMDA Foot Bridge nga nangangatog na tuhod ko ito pa kayang 100ft above ground.

these are just some of the rides/adventures Tree Top Adventures offers.
and ito lang for now ang kinaya ng powers ko :)

watch out for my Tree Top Team Buliding Activities.
for now... hinga lang muna ako :P

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  1. I wanted to try that one out nung nagpunta kami ng family but they didn't allow me kasi CS ako and wala pang 2 years nun when we went there... I still want to try it out now, though.

  2. Would love to try out this activity also. I like thrill rides and activities. If only i can get my hubby to try this one with me. He hates heights.

  3. Yayks... Looks exciting but.. Hmm I'd rather watch Lang! Hehe! Scared of heights.

  4. Looks exciting. I'd love to try it sometime soon :) -edel

  5. Saya! I want to try the Superman and the Silver Surf!

  6. I've always wanted to go to Tree Top adventure! Looks exciting!

  7. This looks very nice. I'm sure you had a great time! :)


  8. you are so brave me hindi kaya ng powers ko yan

  9. Winner yung hanging out haha. Sadly, I'm afraid to do extreme, kahit semi-extreme, sports!

  10. I've been itching to try this every time I'm in Subic but sobrang daming tao. Will try this very very soon :)

  11. That's exciting. What I just don't like sa zipline is yung bump at the end of the line, but I like doing extreme sports din, sometimes -;

  12. I've never tried anything like that before. But I usually try anything at least once. So maybe I'll do that too soon. Hahaha! Congrats to you for being able to do it even though you were scared!

  13. I'm super afraid of heights! I don't think I can do the Superman ride and Silver Surfer station!


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