My Tree Top Adventure Begins...

 with a chilled bottle of water :)

pampa-kalma sa nagwawala kong puso :P
wala pa man, kabado na hahahahaha

panong hindi read here 
anong kaya ng powers mo?

Harness Station
oi play safe :)

Safety First and a MUST :P

Construction Girls with Engr. Grace :)

Tree Top Pavillion
Serves as waiting area for the Tree Top Adventurers and Canopy Riders
Also Tables and Chairs for Rent for Group Lunch / Picnic

Tree Top Tower for Tree Drop Adventure

Height DOES Matter
3ft and 6inches requirement for Canopy Ride
and 4ft in height required on the Rest of the Rides/Adventure

Tower or Tree Clamping 
(I hope I remember it right :P)
Every year Tree Top loosen this up as Trees grows.

Superman Ride Station

Ms. Grace and John being the bravest among us to try this ride :)

it's a bird, it's a plane...

  it's Superman Ride

Silver Surfer Station

its like a swing, a see-saw or sort of...
  surfboarding on AIR :)

Canopy Ride with Dianne and Ms. Grace
T'was nice hanging out with this Gals! 
Literally :P
That's me having difficulties in breathing lol :D
yung MMDA Foot Bridge nga nangangatog na tuhod ko ito pa kayang 100ft above ground.

these are just some of the rides/adventures Tree Top Adventures offers.
and ito lang for now ang kinaya ng powers ko :)

watch out for my Tree Top Team Buliding Activities.
for now... hinga lang muna ako :P

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