The Dream Shirt is an online shop that offers made-to-order shirts, with prints that features quotes and designs based on different books. Each design is printed on a cotton shirt in vinyl or via heat transfer. 

The Dream Shirt started out as an idea to create shirts for bookworms/book lovers :P, The Dream Shirt has finally reached 2.5K mark on Facebook after a year of being online. With more and more fangirls and fanboy of different books/movies finding out about the online shop, The Dream Shirt is planning to have its Relaunch come 2015, which includes creating a line for locally published books, releasing more collections.

Unlike other shirt printing shops around, The Dream Shirt aims to stick to creation of book-based shirts, and expand its designs by having its own artistic team that will put their ideas into reality. They are also aiming to be more present offline by participating in bazaars and other book related activity.


I'm not a book lover person, the only BOOK I read are books for baking, recipes for pasta dishes, and... does pocketbooks counts too? lol  

I may not be up to date with "Book" trend but I'm a SUPER MOVIE LOVER
and most of the books, specially the top selling ones already had their Movie Adaptation.
So sooner or later best selling books/novels will have a movie version/adaptation.
although most people say that the book version is still the best. and madalas yung important detail pa ang wala. etc. etc. *yun lang di ko talaga keri mag basa ng ganun kadami :( kaya movie-movie na lang tayo ah :P

kaya somehow, relate much pa din ako sa offering ng The Dream Shirt. 
I'm  a T-Shirt kind of person that scores a point right? :D

and NOW! let me show you some of their super astig, and nice designs :)

The Dream Shirt Maze Runner Collection
My Recent Fave!!! (^.^,)

I Super wanna make suggestions!!!
1. Becareful, Dont Die -answeet ni minho dabah?
2. Run with MINHO
3. Runaway with Me -MINHO
4. ILOVEYOUMINHO -halata ba?

The Dream Shirt's Hunger Game Collection
One of my favorites (^.^,)

Astig diba? this also comes in Black :)
sana meron shirt design with this qoute " I Volunteeeeeeeeeer!!! #suggestions :)

The Dream Shirt's DIVERGENT Collection
although parang ginaya lang ang concept ng Hunger Games charOt!

Which group are you rooting for?






cant decide?
Nice dabah? specialy on black :)
looking for "I am Divergent and I cant be CONTROLLED" -pak! #suggestions
or 4 <3 3's hehehehe

The Dream Shirt's Harry Potter's Collection

sana meron din yung wand trick ni hermoine :)
Wingardium Leviosa! 
levitation spell super tumatak sakin yan :)

The Dream Shirt's Percy Jackson's Collection

The Dream Shirt's Fault In Our Star Collection

May napili na ba kayo Ma'am, Sir?
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