incase you missed my post:

The Nail Kit comes in 3 Variants

 The Unboxing of the Professional Nail Kit
Delicate Dew Nail Kit (Small) 
I think the only difference is the Hand and Body Lotion.
The Cuticle Oil, Nail Buffer and Nail File seems just the same in every box :)

 This Lovely Lady is about to unfold the Power of  Aqua Mineral's Nail Kit :)
as I've said on my previous Aqua Mineral post,
bilib na bilib ako diba?

Nail Buffer

and there's always four side of the story
ay 4 sides of the nail buffer pala.
Blue | Grey | White 
will explain this on MY UNBOXING POST SOON
yes may ganern! yun ang next topic natin, balik kayo ah :) 

and see The Professional Nail Kit in ACTION!
Sadly I didn't have a picture of how her nails look like after using The  Professional Nail Care Kit

BUT!... I have a video of the Nail Kit demonstration.

na-amazed din ba kayo like me?
You'll be seeing more of Aqua Mineral soon :)

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