Years ago I discovered their Nail Care Kit and it's FANTABULOUSLY AWESOME!!!!

Aqua Mineral Nail Care kit to Review Soon...
and please watch out for my detailed post about this event too.

Note: This post is just a teaser :)

Aqua Mineral is a complete beauty care line based on the dead sea wonder, 
created to promote the skin’s well being and counteract the effects of ageing.
                                                                                -Aqua Mineral Facebook Page

for now, let me give you a hint of what happened during the Aqua Mineral Event

Venue: Gramercy Cafe

The Men of Aqua Mineral 

and the Rose among the torns

The Blogger Crowd

Aqua Mineral Skin Care Product Presentation


can you find me???

CLUE: I'm the one wearing black at the back
Oh! I'm the one at the back... of the camera :P

That's it for now, Thanks for Visiting my Page

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