My First Ever No Bake Cupcake and Nail Art Tutorial :D
ipod 786
step 1:
apply base coat, but first clean your nails :D
ipod 787
step 2:
cover half of your nail a color you like for the cupcake base/ liner
I use pink polish from Revlon SunCandy
ipod 788
step 3:
apply a fine line that will serve as crimp or folds on the cupcake base
-that's the finest I can :) *newbie here
ipod 789
used a dotting tool and silvery polish from Revlon Shiny Matte
ipod 790
step 4:
apply the frosting, I use white from Revlon SunCandy again
ipod 791
step 5:
put a little detail. cherry on top :)
color treands red-red, dotting tool
tip* put a small drop of the nail polish on a plastic sheet.
a little amount is very much adviceable specially if you were having a hard and long time applying the dots or any detail.
this is to avoid  nail polishes to dry-up and be put to waste :(
ipod 794
step 6:
I almost forgot, another detail... the sprinkles :D
Bobbie Sweet Speckles Nail Polish
seal it with a clear top coat and allow to dry
and that's it :D
Happy Cup-caking minus the baking! :D
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