I purchased my 2015 Belle De Jour Power Planner during the BDJ Fair/ BDJ Planner Launch at SM Mall of Asia. with a discounted price of 600 for the BDJ Gray Leather, same as my 2014 planner :)

Let me make kwento of how I discovered the BDJ Planner/Community last year.
I've been on my darkest days/years of life noon.

To make the long kwento short I decided to finally dust myself up and move on. 
as the first step of my moving on journey I was on the hunt to buy  my first planner so that I have that sense of "organizing" in my topsy-turvy life. There are a lot of planners on that shelf on that bookstore when this Gray Leather Planners caught my attention. I like its texture and then it has a metallic shiny hot pink imprint on it but it's too pricey for 600 :( and still was not decided on what to get. 

My top choices were the mommy planner or that BDJ Girl planner or the Gray Leather nga. so I went home not buying anything :P ganun ako eh, and said to myself na pag nakita pa kita ulit next time then you were really for me.

Pero I like it na talaga... then I asked my husband na yun na lang ang Christmas gift nya sakin, so sinama ko sya sa bookstore. Only to make okray and said "ang mahal naman! may iba naman na mura or yung sa starbucks na lang" and ayun na asar na ako and again decided to leave the bookstore empty handed and sad. and made a promise to myself na bibilin ko na sya talaga pag balik ko. 

So ito ako desidido na, pero pag balik ko WALA NA SYA SA SHELF!!! 
I asked the sales lady kung nasan na ung mga planner? 

SA: alin ma'am yung may mga coupons?
Me: anong coupons? yung planner na may picture ng babae na wavy hair at niaka smile in white dress?
SA: opo nga ma'am, may coupons po yun, nagkaubusan na po ma'am mabenta talaga yun.
Me: hala :( ang dami kaya nun last time? di nga teh? patanong naman
SA: (nagtanong sa iba pang s.a) wala na talaga ma'am pareserve na lang kayo kasi may dadating ulit nun sa january 
ME: ok, sige na nga :( (malas dabah? hahahaha)
so ayun kina-January-han ko na sya nabili ang may coupons nga :P ang saya...

and after 3months bago ko pa na-realized na "it's more than just a planner" buti na claim ko on time ang BDJ Card ko, and nakapagnsign up sa website. then dun na nagsimula ang maliligayang araw ko as BELLA :D

Honestly, this planner helped me a lot on my moving on journey :)

1. I have more organized schedule, writing my goals and making it happen.jotting down the good things that happening to me and focusing on the bright side of life. 

2. coupons that help me explore the shops that I've never been into (kuripot kasi ako) dahil may coupons napilitang itry dahil sayang naman ang discounts and found out na masarap naman pala yung mga ganun like sa The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and Serenitea to name a few.

3. I got to attend BDJ Events, workshops and talks, that I super needed that time. Actually the timing is so perfect. It helped me to collect my shattered self, be strong and move forward. Those inspirational talks really helped me and motivate me to go on.

4 I discover the BDJ community and gain new friends. For years, I was isolated and I only had Online Friends :( and because of this I found the long lost happy version of me.

5. The BDJBOX a subscription beauty box that serves as my monthly dose of surprise that reminds the feeling of a happy kid receiving presents during Christmas. nakalimutan ko na kasi yung feeling na nasurpresa, yung nireregaluhan :P and ang saya-saya lang. si husband kasi is di showy kaya isipin ko na lang daw na gift nya sakin un hahahaha :D

so that's my short... short nga ba? na story of how I found my first ever BDJ Planner

and now take a look at my second one :D

The 2015 Belle De Jour Power Planner in Gray Leather

"dance to the beat of your dreams" 

BDJ unfold...

unfolding continues :)

What makes you get up everyday?
A message from Dar, BDJ's Founder

told yah! visit this link to know more about it.
promise!!! it's super worth it

This is new! 
perforations on lower corners of each page

I think it's for easy turning the pages, I'm not so sure :D
but si hubby has another idea, He said maybe it's meant to be torn, that will serve as a ticker na you're done na writing for that day or something... 

and because ayaw ko patalo and feeling ko mas tama ako and as I write this post I asked BELLE DE JOUR on Facebook :D

and... this is their reply:

hahaha talo ako patay :P

2015 Goals.
This Part is important for me. 
This helps me make things happen, noting what I want to happen when I wanted it to happen.
and by seeing my Goal's on my planner, I am motivated to make it work and achieving it is Priceless!

My Happiness List

This also has a major part in my moving on journey :)
seems just a simple task, but some of this boost my confidence and realize that I can do better :)
some of the tasks were super simple, palitan ang light bulb, try juice cleanse, but believe me once you done it and marked it as a done deed? and seeing the task you completed after year ends? Feels like I'm the queen of the world :D

it's a girl thing ;) 
My health plan and The BDJBOX -my monthly dose of surprise :)

Beauty Essential Checklist and BDJBOX 7Day Challenge Chart

A chart where you would take note of your BDJBOX product experience (sample of a BDJBOX)
You can also write a blog post about your 7-day challenge (see my BDJBOX 7Day Challenge Post)
and you might win on their monthly contest for it. (see my BDJBOX 7day Challenge Winning Post)
*prizes at stakes differ each month 

Events Tracker 

 Travel Must Haves

Hello January

so pretty dibah? so girly-girly pa :D

YES, I CAN!!! 
keri ko harapin ang future! AJA! ay iba na pala ngayon PUSH!!!

a lil info about the planner can be seen on the paper belt attached when still packed.
so potential buyers can see what to expect and what's in it.

Pero ito na nga, I'm sharing my Planner for you to see kung gano sya ka ganda! APIR!!!

This is Super Nice!!! 
The coupons now comes in a booklet, You can easy take it along with you if you're not taking your planner every time you're out.

-medyo heavy kasi sa bag yung planner for me, kaya what I did last year, I  tear off all the coupons off and put it all together with the plastic pouch that is also provided in the planner kit. Advice din sakin toh ng fellow bella kasi newbie lang din ako nun. kaya ang saya-saya na naka booklet na sya! taray!!!

to highlight important dates and happenings in your life :D

Belle De Jour Power Planner Lifestyle Card
#PerksOfaBella see the hashtag and  know what this means :D 

Coupon Tracker
So you'll be minded of what coupons was already used and what's not. and helps you also to plan your next shopping with discounts.

on my 2014 planner SM Parisian is only on 10% off pero lookie on the 2015 coupons is 20%off naaaa!

Hoping that you like my post, and my Belle De Jour Power Planner, Believe me Gals that this is super worth it :D

Belle De Jour Power Planner 
Designs Available:

Personalized Planner for P698.00
This one is on Sale for P512 instead of P598.00 on BELLE DE JOUR POWER PLANNER SHOP

Visit their website for complete Products details, updated price list and other items specially those on sale.