"Celebrate life's special moments with color, grandeur and sparkling nails!"

Presenting "BLUE MOON"  the newest addition in CARONIA Philippines
In second time collaboration with Ballet Philippines

 BLUE MOON features 3 Bold colors named Avant, Boure'e and Chasse

"frosted emerald-green shade that perfectly sets our mood and feet to dance for the season"

I have a thing for Emerald inspired shades, because it is my birth-stone :) bring luck to me will yah?
 Plus Avant for me is Christmas-sy shade too right?
Frosted Nail Polish + Green= Christmas Agree? :D
Just in time for the season to do your own Christmas-sy Nail Art.

"metallic brown shade that reminds us of sweet chestnuts during Christmas"

This shades reminds us of the freshly roasting chestnuts on Christmas!
did I say Christmas Again? Yay halata bang im so excited :D
My first impression was "Shiny-Copper Nails!" and I like it!!!
and this color suits my skin color too.
(will do another post for my swatches)

"regular polish with a royal blue shade that sets the elegance of ballet on your nails"

This is my First Love among the three nail polish included in the BLUE MOON Collection
I just love its Blue color that seems talking to me and reaching deep within my heart :D
Looks Royalty too!
This Shade can work your nails perfect even just a simple application.
No nail art design needed cause this can pull a royalty look in your #NOTD in an instant :)
Royal Blue equals Royalty Nails!

Details that you might wanna know:

The “Blue Moon” and “The Art of Dance” collections are the fruit of a year-long partnership between
the two companies to support young dance scholars.

As an additional treat, customers will also get the chance to win tickets for two to Ballet Philippines productions through buying the "Blue Moon" collection packs from March 15, 2014 to January 31, 2015.

The collections are available at leading supermarkets, department stores, and health & beauty stores nationwide
This collection is also Caronia's second Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP Free formulation, the first
being the “Art of Dance

Brand History
In 1968, founders of Vibelle Manufacturing Corporation, Don Vicente Ang and his wife Belen introduced the first locally produced nail polish brand in the Philippine market, Caronia.
Caronia, named after the luxury ship, RMS Caronia easily became a popular brand among Filipinas because it provided them an alternative to limitedly available imported nail care brands.

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